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Subject: Re:Investment Plan?URGENT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL.......(
Date: Wed Sep 04 16:00:11 MDT 2013


My name is Ebube Philip.I work for a stock broker in Nigeria,I have been mandated by my colleagues in the office to look for a reliable person we can trust in handling funds accumulated from dividend of STOCKS valued at 5,586,000.00(Five Million Five Hundred Eighty Six Thousand British Pounds Sterling Only.)On that note I have decided to contact you,my colleagues and I intends to invest in Property business or any lucrative business in your country with the proceed from the transaction once we have concluded the transaction with you.

Please find below an over view of the transaction regarding on how we intend to raise the fund for the investment we intend to invest in your country.Ten years ago,our firm assisted a foreigner to purchase stocks worth millions of Pound sterling,later the foreigner left Nigeria but the dividends of the stock we bought for him  have been coming in unclaimed by the foreigner whom we later discovered is deceased since he had left Nigeria 5 years ago.The dividends have accumulated to the tune of GBP5,586,000.00(Five Million Five hundred and eighty six thousand British pounds sterling only.)which is about $9,087,304.80.00USD(NINE MILLION EIGHTY SEVEN THOUSAND,THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS EIGHTY CENTS.)My colleagues and I have decided to claim the money and wish to use you to receive the money into your account and invest our own share of the funds in any lucrative business in your country.

I want to assure you that the transaction is 100% hitch free,my colleagues and I have done our home work very well before we decided to contact you.My colleagues and I have agreed to offer you 35% of the whole fund for your services that you are going to render to us,since you are also going to play a role in assisting in transferring the fund from Nigeria to your country,my colleagues and I will keep 65% of the whole fund for our own investment in your country.Please note your roles are as follows.

1.You will provide a bank account where the fund will be transferred to in your country.2. You will advise us on good areas of investment in your country where we can invest our own 65% of the fund,and you will also manage the investment on our behalf for a certain period of years , not less than 5 years.We prefer to invest in property business.I hope you understand the whole transaction, please feel free to ask me question,we hope to have a lasting business relationship with you.I wait to hear from you so that we can commence the transaction.

Mr Ebube Philip

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