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Subject: Results First Helps States Compare ROI
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E-Newsletter | August 15, 2013

Results First Helps States Compare ROI

By Jennifer Burnett CSG Program Manager, Fiscal and Economic Policy


As state leaders continue their search for better, more efficient ways of doing business, a few strategies that stand out have emerged in recent years. One strategy--using an evidence-based, rigorous cost-benefit model to make policy decisions--is being put into place in a number of states thanks to the efforts of the Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative. To help state policymakers learn more about the Results First initiative, The Council of State Governments will hold a special half-day, invitation-only information session in conjunction with CSG's 2013 National Conference in Kansas City from 8 a.m. to noon Thursday, Sept. 19.


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Missouri Hopes Focus on Transportation Performance Pays Off

By Sean Slone, CSG Program Manager for Transportation Policy


Interstate 70 is a major artery through the nation's mid-section that extends from Utah to Maryland. The halfway point on that journey lies somewhere near Kansas City, the site of the 2013 CSG National Conference. Like a lot of the nation's aging infrastructure, I-70 needs to be rebuilt to better serve today's transportation needs, said Dave Nichols, director of the Missouri Department of Transportation, who will speak Sept. 20 at a session hosted by the CSG Transportation Public Policy Committee.

Modernizing Electric Grid Critical for U.S.

By Brydon Ross, CSG Director of Energy and Environmental Policy


The reliability of power delivery to homes and businesses is perhaps one of the most critical and underappreciated aspects that make modern, 21st century living a reality. This week's 10th anniversary of the Northeastern blackout that interrupted service for a week for more than 50 million people is a painful reminder of the cascading problems that can occur in bulk power markets and the need for continued grid modernization efforts.


Challenges for Upholding Legislative Civility

By Tim Anderson, CSG Midwest Publications Manager


An 1895 article in The New York Times described the tense and chaotic scene this way: "Revolvers were flourished and blows struck with such articles of furniture as the combatants could lay hands on conveniently." The place where the mayhem broke out? The floor of the Indiana House of Representatives after a dispute over a gubernatorial veto.This historical anecdote, told by political scientist Peverill Squire during a keynote session in July at the CSG Midwestern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting, was a reminder that political passions and partisan strife are not new.


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CSG Associates Strive to 

Bolster Employment Among Veterans

By Hannah Smith, CSG Development Associate


The U.S. military discharges 160,000 active service members and 110,000 Reserve and National Guard members each year,

according to the U.S. Department of Labor. About 32,000 of those veterans will join the ranks of nearly 1 million veterans already unemployed. For young, male veterans--ages 18-24--the picture is even bleaker: In 2011, one out of every three was looking for work, almost double the unemployment rate of their non-veteran peers. In response, employers are finding ways to match veterans with employment opportunities, and many of The Council of State Governments' Associate members are working to hire veterans.


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Results First Helps States Compare ROI
Missouri Hopes Focus on Transportation Performance Pays Off
Modernizing Electric Grid Critical for U.S.
Challenges for Upholding Legislative Civility
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