From: via
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Water Survey
Date: Tue Aug 13 23:49:10 MDT 2013
Hello from the Exoro Group in Salt Lake City, UT. We have been engaged to assess the awareness and impressions by key civic, business, elected and legal leaders in Utah about policies directing the issue of water development and delivery to Utah’s growing population and business development over the next 50 years. We are reaching out to ask you to take a few minutes to complete this short survey. While other statewide issues rightfully occupy the attention of policy, environmental and business leaders, few would disagree that water will play a vital role in our State’s future development. The formation of long-term water policy is quickly becoming a key focus among many leaders and this survey is designed to give us a glimpse into your own thinking on the subject. Your answers will remain anonymous. Thank you in advance for your participation. Click Below for the Survey To be taken of this list click here