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RALEIGH, N.C. The North Carolina House has approved a bill mandating background checks for welfare recipients.The bill that passed 106-6 Thursday requires all social services employees to perform background checks to bar applicants and recipients with outstanding warrants or other active violations from welfare and food stamp programs. Employees would have to report them to law enforcement.Bill sponsor Rep. Dean Arp, a Republican from Monroe, noted the federal government already prohibits giving public assistance to fleeing felons and others with active violations.Arp appeased many opponents after providing assurances that county offices won't shoulder additional costs. Some Democrats previously expressed concern about creating new burdens for social services employees and the perception that the bill unfairly singles out poor people for distrust.The bill now heads to the Senate. ges Thursday night for a lawyer for Yowchuang, Timothy Dina. Yowchuang, a resident of New Hudson, has no listed phone number.AP also left phone and Facebook messages for Breen, who lives in Livonia.Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is appealing a Wayne County judge's Jan. 18 dismissal of conspiracy charges against Yowchuang and another former McCotter aide, Paul Seewald. Seewald, pleaded guilty to nine misdemeanor charges of falsely signing a nominating petition as a circulator. Another staffer, Lorianne O'Brady, pleaded no contest to falsely stating that she had collected signatures.Ottenwess said the petition fraud denied McCotter's constituents the democratic right to choose their representative in Congress."The people of the 11th District will get the justice they deserve," he said.