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Transportation Advocate
Welcome to the debut of Transportation Advocate, a newsletter supporting transportation investment in Utah, sponsored by the Transportation Coalition of the Salt Lake Chamber. Please share this newsletter with colleagues and associates. You can sign up for our email list by clicking here, and selecting Transportation Advocate from the mailing list options. 

Transportation Coalition Ready to Promote Transportation Investment

The Utah Transportation Coalition is up and running, with new co-chairs and an aggressive agenda. The Coalition is ready to tackle some big issues: Utah’s population is projected to increase by more than 60 percent over the next 30 years, requiring a significant investment in transportation infrastructure. ...  READ MORE
Transportation Leader Profile by Gaylen Webb

Sen. Stuart Adams: A Legislative Vision for Transportation in Utah

There's nothing more pedestrian – but more important -- than the ability to move about, to go where you want to go, and have multiple options for doing so. That's the opinion of Senator Stuart Adams, R-Layton. He believes mobility is a quality of life issue and sustaining that quality of life involves continued expansion of transportation options in Utah. ...  READ MORE

News Notes

On Monday, June 24, the Transportation Coalition held a press conference releasing a study outlining the economic benefits of transportation investment. Most of Utah’s media outlets attended and reported on the event. Click on their reports below.

Salt Lake Tribune:
Deseret News:
Utah Policy Daily:
Chamber Blog Post:

Around the Country

From Robert Poole, Reason Foundation:
A survey conducted by Ipsos for the American Road & Transportation Builders Association found that while Americans think safe and efficient transportation infrastructure is at least as important as other utility services (telephone, electricity, water, etc.), they think they are paying far more in highway fuel taxes than they actually pay.
The average household pays $46/month in state+federal fuel taxes. But 24 percent think they pay about double that amount while 40 percent had no idea what they pay. Contrast this with the $124/month the average household pays for cable and Internet access, $160/month for electricity and gas service, and $161/month for cell phone service! This suggests to me that Americans would be more understanding of the cost of good highways if those highways were actually operated as utilities, charging motorists directly for how much highway services they use (presumably based on miles driven).

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