From: Miss.Hannah Al- Ghadafi
Subject: Re: Salam Anlaikum Compliment of the season.‏
Date: Tue Aug 06 22:08:33 MDT 2013
Salam Anlaikum 

My dearest Beloved,

It is my pleasure to firstly introduite myself to you, I am Miss.Hannah Al- Ghadafi. I left SOUTH AFRICA for safety of my life as all the Libyans are hunting down Ghadafi offspring , I am only an Adopted Daughter to the Leader.

I am not a soldier or a politician and without any political ambitious in Libya, I am only a Doctor under graduate from South Africa please keep this information very confidential as i will be changing my identity if you can grant my immunity to your country as i cannot return to Libya at this time.

My only inheritance to survive are Ghadafi's deposits in HABITAT BANK INTERNATIONAL for safe keeping which I hereby request your assistance for claim without involvement of any Ghadafi's.

Please , my life is in danger because of my past historic event for safety of My Father regime, i do not want further publicity until i arrive your country for asylums with your immunity. The left estates by Late Leader will be divided 50%50 between me and your family and i will bear your surname as parts of your family for my safety. please reply me back to my e-mail address:

Miss.Hannah Al- Ghadafi