From: AllOver Media
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Reach the Fastest Growing Audience!
Date: Tue Aug 06 14:52:54 MDT 2013
Targeted Advertising for the "On the Go" Consumer
Reach Hispanic Consumer with AllOver Media!

Reach the Fastest Growing Audience!

Hispanics are the fastest growing segment of the population, now representing over 50 Million consumers in the US with over $1 Trillion in buying power.  Reach this powerful segment and communicate your brand message.  Download our Hispanic Media Kit and see why outdoor advertising with AllOver Media works to reach Hispanic Audiences nationwide!

• Outdoor advertising is a local media vehicle and given the geographical concentration of Hispanics, is effective in delivering Hispanic consumers

• Hispanics pay attention to outdoor advertising and are likely to be receptive to and motivated by the communication

• Outdoor advertising reaches Hispanic consumers in the marketplace and near the point of sale, when they are more inclined to make purchase decisions

Start getting seen and remembered by your Hispanic customers!  Click on the banner to the right to download our Hispanic Media Kit and learn more about AllOver Media offerings!

Download here!


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