From: Jack Gerard, API
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: U.S. Closed for Business under Potential Ozone Regulations
Date: Thu Aug 01 14:39:54 MDT 2013
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    August 1, 2013  

What New EPA Regulations Could Mean For America

Upcoming EPA regulations of ozone could shut down business expansion and new jobs where 97 percent of Americans live, without providing any significant environmental benefit.

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    U.S. Closed for Business under Potential Ozone Regulations      

Dear Dean,

Environmental benefits can be achieved without imposing massive costs that jeopardize job creation, economic growth, revenue generation and energy affordability. Yet that is just what many of the EPA’s current and proposed regulations threaten to do.

In 2008, the EPA approved new ozone standards of 75 parts per billion – the most stringent standards ever. Although these standards are only now starting to be implemented, the agency may lower the standards an additional 20 percent to 60 parts per billion in the coming months. These new standards could be the costliest EPA regulations ever:

We’re already seeing reductions in ozone and particulate emissions under current standards, and these benefits will continue to accrue as the 2008 regulations are implemented. Since 1980, the amount of ground level ozone has decreased by 28 percent, while carbon dioxide emissions from energy dropped 12 percent between 2005 and 2012 to reach their lowest level since 1994.

Rather than propose unattainable new standards that are not justified under current health studies, EPA should determine reasonable controls for achieving the 2008 standards and give them a chance to work.

We’ve made great progress in improving our environmental performance. It’s possible to build on that progress without implementing unworkable standards that could do great damage to our economy while creating no discernible health benefits.


Jack Gerard
President and CEO

Energy Nation
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