Date: Sat Jul 06 18:41:49 MDT 2013
Dear Beneficiary, Our reference to our fund monetary system indicate that your Free-Ticket lottery winning prize Reference Number: EOL/7769341 of (Ђ815,810.00 Euros is still unclaimed, we now advised you to heisting up to claim your fund before our investigation team will suffocate your fund because not claimed. We discover that you have representatives that assist you to meet the requirements of these lottery policy Mr. William Cruz of Atocha Seguros, Tel: +34 632 331 002 Email: also he has been interrogated why your fund is still pending. This team has giving you Ten working days to get this fund out from our country, failure to do so the fund will now be liquidated. Cooperate fully with your representative to achieve this legitimate lottery-winning fund. Clink this link or copy and paste, also register for more informations of Free Ticket Lottery: Note: There is hereby created, in the office of the state treasurer, the lottery fund. The initial appropriation to the division, and all subsequent revenues of the division not earlier paid as prizes, shall be paid into the lottery fund. All expenses of the division, including the expenses of organized crime investigation and prosecution relating to the lottery, shall be paid from the lottery fund. For the purposes of this section and section 24-35-208, "expenses" do not include amounts expended for lottery prizes. Prizes for the lottery shall be paid only from the lottery fund or from moneys collected from the sale of lottery tickets or shares. Amounts for prizes and expenses of the division shall be paid from the lottery fund only as appropriated by the general assembly. Antonio Miguel (SOGC) Tel: +34 632 525 572 Cuerpo Nacional de Policнa, CNP; The Guardia Civil FIEP European Monetary Department Dpt. C/Guzman El Bueno 110 28003 Madrid Spain