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to see more, they want to learn more and maybe theyre not watching for the kind of drama or hair pulling that we see on Jersey Shore, but you know theyre watching for other reasons.Although Duck Dynasty has millions of viewers audiences tend to be fickle which means the shows success may be short lived, Myer said.I think that Duck Dynasty will be here for a little while but I have no doubt that Duck Dynasty will slowly loose ratings, but not necessarily because of the show, because of all of the other networks seeing it and going, Oh my gosh, we have to start doing [this], he said.Myer suggested shows like MTVs now cancelled Buckwild are more attractive to networks.Doing [Buckwild] types of shows, thats whats hot right now. I have no doubt that within a year [Duck Dynasty] will probably drop a little bit. It wont be gone but it definitely wont hit 10 million people an episode. It wont top American Idol, Meyer said.Cascerceri agreed with her fellow expert, Duck Dynasty is going to fizzle out just like any other reality show. The thing about television in general is a lot of times there is a lot of hype, a lot of buzz. You know a few seasons are produced. A lot of people are loving it but eventually everything jumps the shark.Still, she said overall she things reality TV is getting a better reputation among viewers.Reality TV, when it started out, it kind of had a bad name and now its kind of evolved where there is a way it can edu hite House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Biden continues to play a leading role in the gun control effort. He reiterated that the administration would continue to press for legislation and suggested lawmakers who opposed the last version would feel public pressure."In the end, senators who voted against the overwhelming will of their constituents may reconsider if they hear from those same constituents and hear how important these common-sense measures are to them," he said.The Obama-supporting Organizing for Action is working hard on the sidelines to apply that pressure. That group's home page, as of Friday afternoon, featured a sign-up for a petition supporting legislation.The lead post on the page claimed that poll numbers for lawmakers who opposed the legislation last month have dropped."Want proof that what OFA volunteers are doing is working? The senators who voted against expanding background checks are getting their poll numbers back since that vote-and they're not subtle," OFA claimed.But even Sen. Pat Toomey, who was a critical supporter of the compromise amendment that ultimately failed last month, claims Congress does not have the stomach for gun legislation any time soon.The Pennsylvania Republican had teamed up with moderate West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin to offer the background check amendment, which would have expanded checks to gun shows and Internet sales while exempting family and other personal transacti