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PayPal Insider Discovers Lucrative Home Business...

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The White House says President Obama would veto a Republican bill that would effectively shut down the National Labor Relations Board until certain conditions are met.Republicans have claimed the board is illegitimate since an appeals court panel ruled in January that Obama violated the Constitution when he bypassed the Senate to fill vacancies on the board.House Republicans are expected to vote this week to prevent the board from conducting business until the Senate confirms new members constituting a quorum or the Supreme Court decides the board has the authority to act. The bill isn't expected to gain traction in the Senate.The White House says that the bill would hurt the middle class and jeopardize workers' rights. The administration argues Obama's appointments were constitutional and valid. attack on the foreigners. Last week, the city ordered van operators to remove from their windows the dark tinting that made it nearly impossible to see what was going on inside.Three men aged 20-22, as well as a minor, have been detained in connection with the attack.Brazilian media reports have said two other women, both Brazilians, have since come forward to say they were also raped by the same gang. One of the women is said to have reported the rape to a police unit specializing in crimes against women well before the attack on the foreigners, but officers took little action to investigate the matter.The head of the unit as well as another officer have since been fired.The attacks have been a blow to Rio's image as the city gears up to host next year's soccer World Cup and the 2016 Olympic games.Officials here have won praise in recent years for bringing down crime in this once notoriously violent city, and residents here had been basking in the city's most positive image in decades.