From: Todd Weiler
To: Greg Harrison,
Subject: Re: Say it ain't so Todd
Date: 2/17/2014 1:02:13 PM
Yes, I read and edited it. Did you read it?  It summarized the pro-traditional-family laws that the legislature has already passed. 

Todd Weiler

On Feb 17, 2014, at 12:07 PM, "Greg Harrison" <> wrote:


Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of watching my daughter and grandson blend into an exceptional family with her husband and his two daughters.  It brings me peace and security to know that they are able to mold together into a family that is much stronger than it's individual parts.  My grandson has the benefit of father while his biological father was unable to fill this role.  When he is older he will be a better man and citizen because he had the backing of his family.  Families really are for the children's sake.

That is why I was so disheartened  to learn that you signed the amicus brief in the Marriage equality case.  Did ya even read it?.  Let's not show animus?  Like 70% of people in Utah support Non-discrimination?  70% for some legal recognition?   Anyway.

I have the pleasure of knowing several couples living in your district that are right now being the government.... from giving their children the same safety and security that my grandson was fortunate enough to find.  These couples are terrific people, parents and citizens.  They are on the same life struggle that we all face.  They have found love and security in a world filled with danger.  Every family is fragile and deserves to be strengthened by the full force of the government.  Yes, even gay families.  And even after 1300 couples got married, my daughters marriage survived.  Now we need to support those families.  So very many of which have children who deserve the same opportunities as You, I and my daughter were afforded.

I do realize the political pressure that you were put under on this signature and realities of the county convention.  I also realize some good faith movement in your views on GLBT issues and appreciate it.  However, I think you will look back in a few years and wish your name was not there.   The issues for us are kitchen table issues.  Life and it's winding path that we cling to others along.  We too need and deserve the same opportunities in this great nation of ours.

Just sayin.


Gregory S. Harrison