From: Stephanie Killpack
To: Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office Dropbox,
Subject: how obama care has affected my life
Date: Thu Oct 08 19:42:23 MDT 2015

How Obamacare is affecting our family:


Our first experience with Obamacare is when the state dropped us off of our plan and onto Obamacare. We lost our therapist for my son.  We had just broken through with the therapy and my son was finally able to touch the same thing my daughter touched without having to run and wash his hands. I could not afford the hundreds of dollars per week it would have cost to continue the therapy. So now we are back to square 1.

           But that was not all.  We also had to pay cash for our dentist. Once Obama care took over in our life, the insurance we had no longer paid for our dentist. Not having the cash, we had to put the bill on our credit card. It was an emergency.  I didn’t have a choice.

           Eventually my husband got a better job, which made us more money. But, this put us just barely above what the state considered poverty level. But, instead of being able to put away money in savings or buying food, we spend around $500.00 per month for insurance, which we have to have now or there is a fine which costs about half that, for now. So, with an increase of about $200.00 per month, I now have to pay $500.00 per month, and this brings my usable income down by about $300.00 per month. How can I live on that?

           Our new insurance , because of Obamacare, is much higher than it would have been just a few years ago. Our premiums are higher, and our co-pay is higher. I don’t have the money to pay the insurance company as well as the co-pay at the doctor. Also, the insurance won’t cover even half of the bill, which leaves me with a co-pay, a monthly premium and more than half the actual bill to pay. This is very expensive on my budget.

           Because of the individual mandate, I had to pay money last year out of my taxes that I didn’t have, and even though I wasn’t insured, the rest of my family was. I had to pay the fine as well as all of my medical bills, which I paid without dropping the burden onto anyone else.

and in conclusion I am saying NO! to the obama care medicaid expansion plan.  we need to look for state based solutions.  and quit getting bounced around.  the best thing for my family is NOT the same as everyone else in the country.  we are an individual family with individual needs.  

Stephanie Killpack

Provo Ut