From: RyLee Curtis
To: Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office Dropbox,
Subject: UHPP Testimony on Utah Access Plus
Date: Wed Oct 07 23:02:10 MDT 2015

**Attached are stories of Utahns in the Medicaid Coverage Gap**


Thank you committee members for hearing my testimony today. My name is RyLee Curtis with the Utah Health Policy Project. Along with the Utah Legislature and other groups we have also been working on this issue for over three years, and we are heartened by the hard work everyone has put in to finding a coverage gap solution. Now is the time to cross the finish line.


I want to make three points today:

The first—without a resolution, the coverage gap issue will not go away. Not for Utahns in the gap, and not for consumer advocate groups. Like Speaker Hughes said, this is a generational issue. We agree, and like all generational issues of this level of importance, a solution must be found.


The second—Utah is quickly losing our lead in being the best in the nation for healthcare. Utah’s uninsured rate is now higher than the national average, and we have an uninsured rate that is closer to that of Mississippi’s and Alabama’s. Only 14 states have a higher uninsured rate than Utah. 


Lawmakers are elected to come up with good ideas, balance interests, and make hard decisions—for three years we’ve seen the good-faith effort.


My last point I wanted to make is to remind you of why it is important to close the coverage gap in Utah. In your binders there’s the stories of over 50 of the thousands of Utahns who at some point have fallen into the coverage gap. Some have even passed on, some have gone on to qualify for help on—but all have lived in the coverage gap. As you consider testimony, and afterwards go home tonight I hope you’ll look through these stories and be reminded that these are your neighbors, someone’s family members, and your constituents who are going without. Three years has been long enough. 



RyLee Curtis

Senior Health Policy Analyst

1832 W Research Way #60

Salt Lake City, UT 84119


Office:801.433.2299 x8


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