From: Erin Day
To: Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office Dropbox,
Subject: Medicaid Expansion
Date: Wed Oct 07 19:40:11 MDT 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Have you ever felt the fear of knowing that you need medical care, but can’t afford to pay for it?

I have family members that have been in that position and watching them put off doctor visits because they didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford to pay out of pocket was heartbreaking.

We live in a state that proudly declares support for families and putting children first. By not accepting the $747 million dollars from the federal government and providing healthcare to the uninsured in our state, we are turning our backs on the families and children we claim to care about.

I’m concerned that this issue has become so politicized that the people who are suffering most aren’t even being considered. Those who would benefit from expanded health care coverage deserve a voice.

Please, listen to those who can attest to the panic they feel when they can’t take a sick child to the doctor.Listen to those who put off screenings when they know something is wrong because they can’t pay for an expensive test.Listen to those who end up hospitalized with a serious or life threatening illness because they put off medical care.Listen to those who lose their homes because of medical debt. Listen to those who have lost loved ones because they couldn’t afford necessary health care.

Please, for a moment, put yourself in the shoes of someone struggling to find a way to pay for medical care.

Show the State of Utah that the uninsured and under insured in our state deserve your attention. Basic healthcare is not a privilege, it’s a necessity. Vote to expand Medicaid in Utah.




Erin M. Day

12808 S 600 E

Draper, UT 84020