From: Erin Day
To: Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office Dropbox,
Subject: Medicaid Expansion
Date: Wed Oct 07 19:38:53 MDT 2015

Utah Legislators Health Reform Task Force


I have a hard time believing that the State of Utah has walked away from the Federal funds allocated for Medicaid Expansion that we taxpayers have already paid.  I am a senior citizen, I have and can afford primary, secondary, and dental insurance and therefore, am covered for most of my health costs.  I know that many of my health problems (and procedures) did not exist when I was younger (cataracts, high blood pressure, mammograms and etc.), but I have coverage and do not worry about having the medical procedures performed, unlike many who can’t afford health insurance.  Because some people can’t afford to have  health procedures performed, their lives are put in danger,


Also, I do not understand why the legislative actions and the programs the Utah legislators introduce do not, allegedly, fit the necessary criteria for approval by the Federal officials.


My heart aches because of the lack of compassion shown, by the Utah legislators and the Governor, to my fellow mankind in the State of Utah who are not able to have health insurance.


Elaine Nordberg

944 East Silver Sage Drive

Sandy, Utah 84094-5913