From: Cara Dolan Crosby
To: Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office Dropbox,
Subject: public comment to cover the gap
Date: Tue Oct 06 23:58:35 MDT 2015
Hi my name is Cara Crosby and I am a Physician Assistant student at the University of Utah.  My motivation for becoming a primary care Physician Assistant grew through years of volunteering at the Maliheh Free Clinic and witnessing hard working people continue to slip through the cracks of our health care system.  I plan to provide primary care health care services to underserved patients in rural Utah.  So clearly, I support the legislature‚Äôs efforts to cover the gap. However, a provider tax may hurt the quality of health care that these people need most: primary care.  Primary Care providers are already overbooked and face financial challenges.  A provider tax may further incentivize future providers to avoid the financial challenges of family medicine and encourage them to specialize, reducing the number of much needed primary care providers.  Or worse, it may force current primary care providers to see more patients in a day, potentially impacting the quality of care that we all receive.  Utah needs primary care providers to provide quality health care for these patients.  Please cover the gap while preserving the abilities of health care providers to provide quality health care.  Please consider alternative funding sources, such as reversing a 2011 diversion of tobacco settlement funds to the general fund, which could allocate $14.5 M annually toward expanding coverage.  Thank you for your hard work on this important issue.