From: Kera Birk
To: Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office Dropbox,
Subject: No to medica
Date: Tue Oct 06 23:44:21 MDT 2015
At 32 years old, I find myself uninsured (for the first time in my life) and with a lump in my breast. After too many months of trying to ignore it, I decided to take control of my health and get my lump checked. Little did I know, being uninsured makes this almost impossible. I cannot get a mammogram with a known lump without a doctor’s referral, but I can’t get a doctor to see me and offer a referral with a known lump. I have offered clinics, doctors and radiologist cash, up front, to just provide me a mammogram. The answer is no. Their fear; I will likely fall into using Medicaid. You see, doctors don’t want to take the risk of accepting a Medicaid patient with a breast lump any more than they want to accept an uninsured patient with a breast lump. It is only by the good grace of certain physicians who are willing to ignore the laws that other wises bind them from seeing me and offer me services that could help address the serious concerns surrounding the lump that I have. This begs the question—why is Utah considering expanding a program that is failing so many doctors and patients? Why are we binding more doctors with laws and red tape that prohibits them from doing the work they went into their profession to do? Are we really helping people with Medicaid expansion? Or just further muddying up the process?