From: Becky Pirente
To: Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office Dropbox,
Subject: Public comment for Health Reform Tax Force - Oppose Medicaid Expansion
Date: Tue Oct 06 23:13:38 MDT 2015
Medicaid recipients are not able to access most health care providers. Some providers have said they would like to accept more patients but can't afford to pay the expenses of running their practice, with the lower Medicaid payment.

This is already the situation now, even before we add add 40% of the 63,000, or 25,200 newly eligible onto the Medicaid rolls. These newly eligible are all able-bodied adults, many of whom already have insurance. 

The current Medicaid recipients are the most poor and the most needy, children and the disabled. These would now have to compete with 25,200 newly eligible as they also seek for services using Medicaid as their coverage.

This has been proposed as a way to help the poor. This is simply not the case that this will help the poor. In fact, this will hurt the most poor, and the most needy, children and the disabled who will find it even more difficult to access health care system as a result of this proposal.


Rebecca Pirente