From: Jocke Olson
To: Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office Dropbox,
Subject: Utah Access+ Please don't pass on this legislation.
Date: Mon Oct 12 20:08:20 MDT 2015
No Ceiling:
If there is "no ceiling" to the expenses incurred for this Medicaid expansion, Utah Access+ needs to be rejected.  Future cost will be far in excess of any Federal money and every working citizen of Utah will pay the price.  Be cautious and wise with committing the money (lives) of Utah working citizens.  Come up with a Utah plan that is palatable and affordable for the Utah working citizen.
The Federal Sharing Money is poison.

Platinum Coverage:
To receive Federal money, Platinum Coverage is a requirement.
Because of the high cost, I will not consider Platinum coverage for my own needs.   Why is Platinum Coverage for these individuals even a consideration when you are requiring the working citizens of Utah to pay for this. Also, it is not reasonable that those in the 100% to 138% of FPL pay anything, they just don't have the money.

Who Ultimately Pays for Utah Access+?:
The money has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is the working Utah citizens.  If you legislate the providers and facilities to pay fees, those fees must be passed on to the working public who access these providers and facilities for services rendered.

The Real Cost and The Real Number of Applicants:
If the real number of applicants is 53000 as suggested by the Utah-Access+ legislation, and the cost is $53,000,000, that would be $1000 per applicant per year.
Both number of applicants and cost per applicant are extremely low.
Platinum Coverage is at least $750 per month ($9000 per year) and goes up from there - NOT $1000 per year but nearly $10,000.00 per year!
In every state where legislation has been approved, the real number of applicants has not just "outpace" and exceeded their estimates but the number are double and quadrupled right from the beginning.

The Utah Senators and Representatives must not delude themselves with false numbers thinking that passing Utah Access+ might be ok. Passing Utah Access+ IS NOT OK.
If you pass Utah Access+ we will all weep and pay and pay and pay!
If we could hold you fiscally responsible, we would. It will not be possible to undo Utah Access+ if appropriated.  Utah Access+ proposes the single greatest tax ever imposed on the citizens of Utah with horrendous future financial consequences.

Come up with a Utah plan that is palatable and affordable for the Utah working citizen.
Some guidelines for what could be passed:
1. Provide basic coverage.
2. Limit costs by limiting procedures and tests.  Preform what is required.
3. By accepting coverage - have individuals sign wavers to limit or prohibit malpractice suits and to agree to disallow end-of-life heroics.
4. Have providers and facilities provide services at cost and with some incentives if percentage of patients or costs exceeds 2%.
5. No enrollment period - provide service on an as need basis.
6. Assign every individual/family to  health care providers in order to reduce ER misuse.

  Please act with wisdom and discretion. The future of the State of Utah and the future of the United States of America rest in the balance.

A concerned citizen,
Jocke M. Olson