From: James Evans
To: Julian Babbitt,
Subject: CMV and Sen Curt Bramble's Bill - Join me on KNRS
Date: Wed Feb 05 22:17:58 MST 2014

Dear SCC Members,


I will be on Rod Arquette, KNRS 105.7 FM, today at 6:05 PM to discuss Senator Curt Bramble’s bill (SB0054). As reported in the Salt Lake Trib, if Bramble bill passes …


First, when delegates for the party conventions are chosen at neighborhood caucuses, the parties would have to have some way to accept absentee or proxy votes, so those who can’t attend the meetings can still vote.

Second, alternate delegates would have to be picked in case a delegate can’t attend the convention where the nominees are selected.

Third, if a candidate doesn’t get at least 65 percent of the delegate vote at convention — up from the current threshold of 60 percent — the top two would square off in a primary.

Finally, all primary elections would have to be open to unaffiliated voters. Currently, Democratic primaries are open, but the Republican Party closes its elections.


James M. Evans