From: Ronald L. Fox
Subject: Never seen photos (or should I say printed) of John F. Kennedy and Jackie in Salt Lake in 1959 at the Hotel Utah, State Capitol and Airport.
Date: Wed Oct 31 05:58:10 MDT 2012
Utah History Friends:

Two weeks ago Mayor Mike Winder received a letter addressed to us both from former Utah Chief Justice Richard C. Howe. In his letter he stated that Mike and I got something wrong as far as a photo caption. We said someone else was the Chairman of the Democratic party that year, when it was he Richard Howe who served in 1959. Mike and I were grateful for his letter because it opened at least my eyes to a little know fact the JFK and Mrs. Kennedy addressed a joint session of Legislature. John F. Kennedy was 34 years old and Jackie was only 29. This was 53 years ago. 

He told us about how JFK and Jackie came and had lunch at the Hotel Utah and then addressed a joint session of the Legislature. Sen. Frank Church was traveling with them at the time as well looking toward the 1960 election. 

The photos below were taken by Frank R. Porschatis of the Salt Lake Tribune. They are now the property of the Utah State Historical Society as the Tribune gave to the State their photo collection from 1932 to 1966.  Earlier when we were doing our book Mike and I check the files of the Deseret News and most of these photos were missing from within their collection. They only had airport photos survived. 

These photos are not the best quality, I simply put the 4x5 negatives on a light box and took a digital photo then inverted the images in photoshop to get what you see today. If they were scanned properly the images would be of a higher quality. 

Sadly, the photos taken in the House Chambers were of Sen. Frank Church introducing Sen. Kennedy. (but these are rare photos today) Sen. Church totally blocks Jackie Kennedy and you can see JFK seated to Sen. Church's right, getting ready to speak. 

REQUEST: If anyone of you can identify the other people in the photos, please let me know. I know who Gov. Clyde, Cal Rawlings, Sen. Church, Sen. and Mrs. Kennedy.

Below the Kennedy photos are 4 other photos of Presidents, or future Presidents visiting the Utah State Capitol since it's start some 99 year ago. I have been approached by a man who has told me of a photo he has taken in 1932 in the Capitol of Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt who visited the Gold room and spoke to a small crowd from the front of the House Chambers

Photos with Governor Clyde.  ( I need to know was this at the Capitol, I think it was, most likely behind the House Chambers) 

President Wilson in 1919 (UofU photo)

Herbert Hoover Sec. of Commerce in 1922 (Corbis image) 

Vice President Bush addressing the Legislature in 1982 (Deseret News) 

President George Bush 2002 (Deseret News) 

This is the letter that started it all, below. 

Best Regards, 


Ronald L. Fox

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John F.Kennedy 3 March 6, 1959_edited-1.jpeg
John F. Kennedy March 6, 1959 Utah Capitol.jpeg
John F. Kennedy 4 March 6, 1959.jpeg
John F. Kennedy 3_6_1959 Utah Capitol.jpeg
JFK 1 March 6, 1959.jpeg
JFK 2 March 6, 1959.jpeg
JFK 3 March 6, 1959.jpeg
JFK 5 March 6, 1959 .jpeg
JFK 6, March 6, 1959.jpeg
JFK 15 March 6, 1959.jpeg
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JFK 8 March 6, 1959 .jpeg
JFK 8 March 9, 1959.jpeg
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JFK 13 March 6, 1959.jpeg
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