From: Martin Luther King Foundation
To: mlkfoundation,
Subject: HB 506 PASSES IN THE HOUSE!!!
Date: Mon Mar 05 19:12:43 MST 2012
I'm pleased to announce that HB 506 passed in the house with a 61-10 vote! While this is a great accomplishment, we are only half way to where we need to be. We can't rest with this victory, we must remain vigilant and steadfast until we get it through the senate. Let's keep working and the support coming. Again if you have not submitted your names & license plate number to, it's not too late! Keep spreading the word with your contacts and let's keep this momentum going! I challenge each of you to get three people to sign up for this historic license plate. Again, thank you for all the support and let's keep this thing moving forward.

Dr. Roderic R. Land