From: Kimberly Perry, DC Vote
To: Ric Cantrell,
Subject: New Hampshire House Supports DC Equality!
Date: Wed Mar 19 17:24:10 MDT 2014

Dear R

Our voices are being heard.

As I'm sure many of you saw in the Roll Call story last week, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed HR 21: a resolution expressing the sense of the House that DC be granted voting representation in the U. S. Congress.

While only symbolic, this is an important victory in the fight for DC equality, proving that elected leaders from all parties who seriously consider our situation recognize the injustice District residents face every day. We are extremely grateful to Rep. Cindy Rosenwald for introducing the resolution, and to all the representatives who support DC equality.

The fact that the over 646,000 residents of the District of Columbia lack the basic democratic rights guaranteed to all Americans is a black mark on the entire country. The only way to end this injustice is if people from across the United States speak out in favor of full equality for DC residents.

Please consider joining the thousands of other Americans who have already stood up for the rights of DC residents, andbecome a DC Vote member today.

Together, we can make history.

Kimberly Perry
Executive Director