From: Keep Our Caucus
To: Ric Cantrell,
Subject: SB54 vs Neighborhood Caucus
Date: Thu Mar 13 01:32:21 MDT 2014

SB54 and the Caucus-Convention System SB54 side-steps the caucuses Recently, the legislature passed a bill, SB54, which is supposedly a compromise w

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SB54 and the Caucus-Convention System


SB54 side-steps the caucuses

Recently, the legislature passed a bill, SB54, which is supposedly a compromise with the Count My Vote organization. SB54 gives their candidates a way to buy their way onto the ballot by paying to collect petition signatures.


SB54, Count My Vote Petition Are Unconstitutional

Prior court cases have determined that it is improper for states to mandate a nomination process for political parties. There are many provisions of both CMV and SB54 which are likely unconstitutional. For example, recently the state of Idaho legislated that people who weren't members of a party could vote in that party's primary election. The Idaho Republican Party, fought that law, and it was found to be clearly unconstitutional. The attorney who fought that battle has analyzed the CMV petition language and found that it clearly is unconstitutional under the same arguments that he used in the Idaho case. SB54 implements all of the CMV petition language, and adds even more.

The following are examples of SB54 provisions that are most likely unconstitutional:

permits unaffiliated voters to vote in a party's primary election
regulates the use of the party's name/logo and associates the party's identification with candidates who may not have been selected by the party.
enforces unreliable and unverifiable remote voting by delegates on the nominating convention process (this has never been an issue, in that nominating conventions typically have 98% or more attendance by delegates)
permits candidates to "buy" a position on the primary ballot by paying to collect petition signatures (the signature threshold is high enough to virtually ensure that only well-funded, rather than grassroots-oriented, candidates can use this method)


SB54 Opinion Survey

SB54/CMV Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete a brief survey regarding SB54 and CMV.


Help Us Fight SB54 and CMV

We need help educating people on the benefits of the caucus system over a system where money is the primary way to access the ballot and get elected. We need help to fight the unconstitutional legal provisions created by SB54 and CMV. Todonate to the cause, click the link or visit the website.


Remove Your Signature from CMV's Petition

If you think you may have already signed the CMV petition, click here to remove your name from the petition.

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