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Subject: Senate Site: Veto Override Session 2014
Date: Thu Apr 03 11:17:34 MDT 2014

Senate Site: Veto Override Session 2014

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Veto Override Session 2014

Posted: 02 Apr 2014 04:40 PM PDT

By Wayne Niederhauser
Senate President

Governor Gary Herbert vetoed three of the 486 bills we passed during the 2014 General Session (plus one line-item we requested he veto).

SB 257 – Parent Review of Instructional Materials and Curriculum

HB 102 – Assessment Area Amendments

HB 414 – Legislative Subpoena Amendments | A Few Thoughts About the HB414 Veto

HB 3 – Appropriations Adjustments (lines 802-807)

So, what now?

The Utah Constitution, Article VII Section 8 (4) spells it out.

“If the governor disapproves any bill or item of appropriation after the adjournment sine die of any session of the Legislature, the presiding officer of each house shall poll the members of that house on the matter of reconvening the Legislature. If two-thirds of the members of each house are in favor of reconvening, the Legislature shall be convened in a session that shall begin within 60 days after the adjournment of the session at which the disapproved bill or item of appropriation passed.

“This session may not exceed five calendar days and shall be convened at a time set jointly by the presiding officer of each house solely for the purpose of reconsidering the bill or item of appropriation disapproved.

“If upon reconsideration, the bill or item of appropriation again passes both houses of the Legislature by a yea and nay vote of two-thirds of the members elected to each house, the bill shall become law or the item of appropriation shall take effect on the original effective date of the law or item of appropriation.”

I will poll the 29 state senators.  The Speaker of the House will poll her members as well.  If two-thirds want to convene an override session, we’ll do it.  If not, we’ll move into our normal interim work. We will make the results public by Monday, April 14th.

If we do move ahead with an override session, we’re required to begin before Monday, May 14th, as per Article VII, Section 8 of the Utah Constitution.

Thanks for paying attention.