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Date: Tue Jul 01 16:44:12 MDT 2014
@utahsenate @TimJBarber @brugeswaffles We also serve 'French' fries ;o) - @brugeswaffles
Utah Senate,
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  Utah Senate
  Tim Barber @TimJBarber

Whoever eats @brugeswaffles today is guilty of treason. In fact, I think the #utleg should shut it down for the day. #utpol #DownWithBelgium - 01 Jul

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  Utah Senate @utahsenate

@TimJBarber @brugeswaffles Agreed. Only round American waffling for us today. #utleg #FIFA - 01 Jul

Bruges Waffles @brugeswaffles

@utahsenate @TimJBarber @brugeswaffles
We also serve 'French' fries ;o)

  04:44 PM - 01 Jul 14

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