From: Important Warning
To: Ric Cantrell,
Subject: Prophecy... Nuclear Attack On America May Be Close!
Date: Wed Sep 10 09:13:42 MDT 2014

Many prophets have received warnings of a nuclear attack on America. In recent weeks and months the warnings have been increasing. I read a recently posted prophetic dream with renewed alarm yesterday. I say that because I am a witness to God having sent prophet Linda Newkirk to speak judgments over Dallas and Houston several years ago. Linda was told to place wreaths at both cities and speak pronouncements from the Lord about the coming destruction of both cities. Linda was also sent to Atlanta and Oklahoma to speak judgments over those cities as well. (see update below)


The following warning by a man who also saw 911 before it happened, was posted a couple of days ago. Please send this man's warning to anyone you know who lives in Texas. It is not a matter of if this is going to happen, but a matter of when. America is filled with sin and people will not repent.


The following dream of a nuclear attack on Houston and Dallas was posted on Steve Quayle's site August 30th, 2014


Hello Steve, I had a dream last night, it's the same dream that I had sometime last year. I wrote to you about that dream. You posted it. I cannot find it, but the same dream came to me last night. In this dream I was standing on Interstate 45 between Dallas TX and Houston TX. I could see both outlines of the cities from where I stood. In reality you cannot do that they are too far apart. But in this dream I can see them both.


I see that it is the middle of the day and I can see that people are moving around without a care, like it is the middle of the week day, not a weekend. I then see that in my dream I keep thinking it is a star falling from the sky, very bright and lighting up the whole sky as it is falling. First the city of Houston is lit up and I can see the star falling from the sky, very bright and lighting up the whole sky as it is falling.


First the city of Houston is lit up and I can see the star coming down. Then I hear a loud boom noise from behind and I turn to see Dallas being hit first with another star. I see Dallas burn. All I see afterwards is that everything is burned completely. Even the trees are all gone. No buildings are left standing. There is rubble evrywhere. Very few people are left. Just handfuls, I can see them standing in little huddles looking around and crying and disoriented. I wish I could help them, but they cannot see me. I then turn around to look at Houston and the same thing happens to Houston. It is completely gone. Not a single soul made it out alive. It is completely gone. Nothing is left. Nothing! A crater is left and it becomes filled with water.


I then begin to stand and cry and I asked why do these stars fall here. Then immediately there is a man standing next to me. I have seen him before in my dreams. I do not know him in real life. He tells me the same thing he told me last time I had this dream. He said "these are not stars, these are missiles made by men to destroy people and kill" I then cry out why? He then says to me "these men are evil and they have been planning these things a long time" I then turn around and begin to walk and he walks with me and that is when I wake up.


These dreams are so real to me, they disturb me and keep me thinking. I have decided to take a job offer due to these dreams. I will be working in San Antonio for a year away from both Dallas and Houston. The last time I had similar dreams was back in 1999. They were about tall buildings. I had never been to New York, so I didn't know what I was looking at. But when it happened I came to understand what I had been seeing. Praying for you and yours. May God Bless you and the work that you are doing.... L.


Many more prophecies about what is coming are posted at The warnings about Obama are astounding. Barack Obama has been purging the US Military of all patriots, especially those within Nuclear Control and Command. He is also in the process of removing 6000 officers from the Navy.


Mark Brander


Update... a second confirmation of what is coming to Houston was posted in a comment section.


Re: Terrifying Dream Of Houston And Dallas Being Nuked!
I had similar dreams years ago. Houston was completely devastated and water completely covered it up (not once, but twice. The first wave had debris of destruction and reached past Austin but not quite to Dallas. Second wave reached the Southern-most part of Dallas and the hills around Lake Ray Hubbard to the east lost their houses to the lake with a massive mud slide. After that Dallas was engulfed with fire. The location of the blast was a triangular shaped tall building in downtown. Everything was burnt-up. However, survivors came out of the rubble disoriented and crying but a few rose up with determination and strong faith – an unexpected blessing.