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Date: Tue Nov 04 23:40:15 MST 2014
@utahsenate @BenWinslow allllllll riiiiggghhht that taffy is MINE! - @ute_pilot
Utah Senate,
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  Utah Senate
  Ben Winslow @BenWinslow

Remember, if you have ?s about voting contact county clerk's office or @ElectionsUtah. You may still be able to vote provisional. #utpol - 04 Nov

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  Utah Senate @utahsenate

@BenWinslow @ute_pilot We have 2 pieces of saltwater taffy left over from session. Show us an 'I Voted' sticker and they're yours. - 04 Nov

UtePilot#BeatPacific @ute_pilot

@utahsenate @BenWinslow allllllll riiiiggghhht that taffy is MINE!

  11:28 PM - 04 Nov 14

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