From: Stanford Lockhart (selockhart)
To: Stan Lockhart (stanlockhartutah,
Subject: STEM Talk with Stan Lockhart
Date: Wed Dec 10 07:40:51 MST 2014

Dear STEM Friends:


Lately, I’ve been spending time with members of the Aerospace industry in Northern Utah who care deeply about STEM education. They are already involved, but are ready to do more. These companies and organizations are a part of an ecosystem that supports Hill Air Force Base. HAFB recently sent an attached letter and slides to Utah’s Higher Education community defining their needs. We are all working together to support HAFB strategic objectives and as you can see, it is all about STEM and a need for engineers.


HAFB’s need is a microcosm of the demand for STEM skills throughout Utah. Employers are beating the drum for more engineers, technicians and scientists. Some jobs require PHDs, Bachelors or Associate degrees. Some require a high school diploma, but with enough STEM proficiency that they can use complex technology and operate sophisticated tools. Whatever path students take, we must prepare them for the jobs of today and tomorrow. That means more STEM education.


STEM Education Investor’s Coalition


The holiday season is upon us and our STEM Education Investor’s Coalition meeting scheduled for Tuesday December 16th at Zions Bank is cancelled. Enjoy the holidays. We will meet next on Wednesday January 14th at 7:30 am at Zions Bank downtown 18th floor.


For those who missed November’s meeting, we heard from High School students who have discovered the power of STEM. Overcoming a variety of challenges, they talked about their hopes and dreams and it was clear that they have teachers and mentors inspiring them to do great things. The employers who were there look forward to having these amazing young people in the STEM workforce.


At our January meeting, we will be talking about the STEM Legislative Agenda for the 2015 session. Put January 14th on your calendar and come.


Utah’s STEM Festival 2015


SIGN UP NOW!  One of the coolest STEM career pathways experiences ever in Utah is coming and you don’t want to miss it. Up to 100 interactive exhibits and 30,000 Jr. High students. Sign up now to get in. Don’t be left out. There are no excuses. It is going to be an amazing experience for both employers and students. Transportation for students is even partially subsidized.


STEM Media/Marketing Campaign


If you are noticing more STEM media exposure in Utah, you are not imagining it. Weekly, you are reading news articles or seeing STEM activities on TV. Here is today’s example:


Yesterday’s STEM media coverage was the national Hour of Code day sponsored by Even Governor Herbert even got into the act doing some coding of his own at the State Capitol.


Strategic media and marketing campaigns drive public perception and changes hearts and minds. For every dollar of industry participation, Comcast and KUTV provide almost four dollars worth of advertising. It is a fact that paid media presence drives greater earned media coverage. This STEM Campaign brings industry together in a unique way that is the envy of other regions in America. Thank you to Merit Medical, IM Flash, ATK, Energy Solutions, US Synthetic, Nuskin, doTERRA, Utah’s Labor Unions/Utah Career Center, Goldman Sachs, Rocky Mountain Power, L-3 Communications, Chevron, Fidelity Investments, Nelson Labs, Utah Technology Council, EMC, Adobe, Regents Blue Cross and Department of Workforce Services. For more information on how you can get involved in the STEM Media/Marketing campaign, contact me at


STEM Action Center


The STEM Action Center has an incredibly talented team working with USOE, districts, schools, administrators and most importantly teachers to provide STEM resources. From Math Digital Learning to Professional Development resources, to revamping CTE courses, the STEM Action Center is providing more resources to educators than ever before. And Utah’s first Elementary STEM Endorsement cohort will be launched January 2015. The STEM Action Center website is getting better and better: They are now sending out updates, newsletters, etc. to our STEM community and I’ve combined my STEM Talk with Stan Lockhart with their efforts. You will still see my input there, but as a part of a larger effort to engage Utah’s STEM community. Already we have gone from 1,100 email addresses to 2,100.


The STEM Action Center is working on a STEM school designation. They have been searching how other States do this and are being very deliberate in their approach as they work with Utah State Office of Education to create STEM schools. We will see what they come up with in the near future.


Your feedback has been crucial to the STEM Asset mapping project. With thousands of STEM programs in Utah, the STEM Action Center is working on cataloging them and creating a graphical interface that is easy to use for parents, students and educators throughout Utah.


The STEM Action Center is expanding the reach of STEM competitions to more and more of our children. And they are succeeding. There are competitions in every part of STEM and throughout Utah including the latest craze in robotics. These STEM competitions have a powerful influence on young people and can set them on a path to a STEM related career field. Whenever I attend award ceremonies, I see incredible investment of time and effort by students and teachers/coaches to excel.


Recent STEM Articles


An op-ed by the Brookings Institution talks about how Nevada can benefit most from their new Tesla factory; by investing in STEM education. Utah is already doing what is being recommended, including a STEM Media/Marketing campaign:


STEM education is essential to close the skills gap:


Now that we know what STEM is, where did it come from:


STEM and sports are a powerful combination to inspire kids:


After School STEM Programs


From the inception of Utah’s STEM education efforts just over two years ago, “informal” partners with after school and summer programs have been engaged in our efforts. Together, these STEM programs reach thousands of school aged children and augment classroom instruction. These STEM partners have been doing hands on, engaged, active learning for a long time connecting fun projects to theory with rich learning opportunities. The Utah Afterschool Network and the STEM Action Center are working together on a project to quantify content knowledge gains in after school programs.

Through assessment and measurement, we expect to figure this out.


More STEM Articles


Here are more interesting STEM articles:


The best way to raise kids out of poverty, teach them math:

(btw, Utah is doing just that with this year’s DWS grants)


Even Albert Einstein was offended at those who don’t believe girls can succeed in STEM:


Innovation Age


My involvement with Utah STEM education the last two years has been some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. I love hearing the anecdotes from teachers and students who are performing better in the classroom. I am inspired by stories of students whose lives are changed with new aspirations. Innovation is happening more quickly than ever before and there is no end in sight. In fact, I believe that we have left the Information Age and the Internet Age and entered the Innovation Age. Those who come up with the right idea can literally change the world. STEM education gives our young people the skills necessary to compete in an Innovation Age. STEM helps you think critically and solve problems. STEM helps kids understand that it is alright to fail as long as you use that failure as a springboard to try again. STEM prepares Entrepreneurs. Utah is emerging as a leader today in this Innovation Age and with continued investment we will continue to be a leader.


Contact Information


This is my last STEM Talk with Stan Lockhart email directly to this email list. Occasionally I may reach out directly to you, but for the most part I will work through the STEM Action Center because we want them to be the place where people go for STEM resources and collaboration. Feel free to contact Tami at if her team can help you in any way.


Best regards,



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