From: Ric Cantrell
To: Senate Constituent Response Team,
Subject: FW: Governor appoints David Damschen as new state treasurer
Date: Sat Dec 12 02:18:02 MST 2015

In case anyone asks – the senate does not need to confirm the newly appointed State Treasurer.


The senate would confirm a new LG, in a mid-term vacancy situation, but not AG, Auditor or Treasurer.  Here’s the code:


20A-1-504.  Midterm vacancies in the offices of attorney general, state treasurer, state auditor, and lieutenant governor.



When a vacancy occurs for any reason in the office of attorney general, state treasurer, or state auditor, it shall be filled for the unexpired term at the next regular general election.



The governor shall fill the vacancy until the next regular general election by appointing a person who meets the qualifications for the office from three persons nominated by the state central committee of the same political party as the prior officeholder.



If a vacancy occurs in the office of lieutenant governor, the governor shall, with the consent of the Senate, appoint a person to hold the office until the next regular general election at which the governor stands for election.







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Subject: Governor appoints David Damschen as new state treasurer


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Governor appoints David Damschen as new state treasurer


SALT LAKE CITY (Dec. 11, 2015) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert has announced his appointment of David Damschen as the new Utah state treasurer. Damschen will fill the remaining term of Richard Ellis, who stepped down to pursue another career opportunity.


“David epitomizes our fiscal conservative approach to government,” Gov. Herbert said. “I have full confidence that his vision, knowledge and experience will continue to lead the Utah team to maintain our strong fiscal health and Triple-A Bond rating.”


As the state treasurer, Damschen will be responsible for the management of taxpayer dollars as the state’s chief financial officer. He will oversee the collection, safeguarding, investment and disbursement of state funds. The state treasurer implements and operates numerous investment programs including the Public Treasurer's Investment Fund and the Permanent School Fund. In addition, Damschen will issue all debt obligations authorized on behalf of the state of Utah.  


“I am humbled by this opportunity to serve Utah and its residents,” said Damschen. “I understand the importance of this position and look forward to providing a fresh perspective to some of the critical issues Utah will face in the near future.”


Prior to this appointment, Damschen served as chief deputy to the office of the Utah State Treasurer for six years (2009-present). He has also served as the senior vice president and director of AmericanWest Bank (2007-2009) and vice president of institutional trust and custody at U.S. Bank (2005-2007).  


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