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Defaulting on Our Debt, Utah Big Water Inc., Heartwarming: Mothers of Trans Kids Speak About Their Children, Mike Lee and Obama Walk in a Bar, The Queen and James Bond, The Mitt-ster on Trump, GOP Primary-the Shameful Groveling  Begins, Jason And the Gays, Mia is Spending Like a Drunken Sailor, An Eerie Prophetic 1964 Political Ad, Huffington Post v Mike Noel and “It’s Personal” My Three Demands from a Presidential Candidate

The Koch Brothers have two offices in Utah and they are spending bazillions! If we Utah Progressives are going to take full advantage of the special gift of Trump at the top of the ticket in Utah, we need to get our great message out. That's what we do at UP UTAH PROGRESSIVES. Talk to Utah’s liberals. But getting the message costs $$. The Koch’s aren’t helping---will you? Please send us $10 a month.

SCARY! Donald Says Treating 'Full Faith and Credit' of USA Like His Casino Junk Bonds--is a Possibility! 

I am shocked that most of the media missed this story. Trump's terrifying proposal could raise US interest rates to 20% overnight. On CNBC last week, Donald Trump suggested that a strategy he used often in business deals might be used to reduce the national debt. As he did with casino bondholders, Trump is talking about forcing those who are owed US sovereign debt to take "haircuts". To be clear what that means, he'll force owners of US debt and are owed X to accept X/2, or some reduced amount of what they are owed.

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Beautiful Video: Mom’s Talk about Their Transgender Kids

Some are bigots, most are not. Like all of us, people fear what they do not understand. From their hearts, watch some proud mothers introduce their children on this day after Mother's Day.

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Big Water Inc. and State Gov have Very Quietly Set Aside Millions for the Lake Powell Pipeline--Before a Vote!

Big State Gov and Big Water have decided, mostly behind closed doors, to build the nasty pipeline and the Bear River Diversion. The fix is in, they are making this happen. Cost estimates to taxpayers for the pipeline is $1.3 billion dollars or more!

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Obama and Mike Lee Walk into a Bar---Whoops, That Could Never Happen

Finally, figured out why so many Utah “original intent constitutionalists” demean Obama so much; maybe they think he is only 3/5th of a president?

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Jason Wants to Undo the Historic Utah LGBT Compromise

Thrown into a primary for being too liberal, Jason will hold hearings on his horrendous anti-gay bill. Shamefully sponsored by three Mormon members of Congress, the bill would cut the guts out of the historic Religious Liberty/LGBT Protections Bill that the legislature passed in 2015. The Chaffetz bill would put the entire country, into Indiana, North Carolina and Mississippi homophobic territory....

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GOP Primary Forces Governor to Far Fringes on Education!

Kind of pathetic. It's like our children are drowning--and the politicians have been arguing for 30 years about which color buoy to throw them! This is what happens when caucus extremists take control of politicians in a primary! The latest test of true-blue-GOP-loyalty, is bashing Common Core. It is a MADE-UP issue. It diverts attention from serious education issues. It is the shiny toy they swing in front of the delegates to mesmerize them....
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Saint Mitt Will NOT Support the Donald (So Far)

We are keeping a tally of who is supporting and who is not supporting the Donald. Next time you see a GOP candidate/elected official ask them and email us.
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Mia Loves Her Stamps. Spent $316,599 On Postage!

Mia, still in her bunker, did not want to talk to Channel 2 about this story. Thrifty Mia spent $1,315,029 her FIRST year in office. She received $1,652,606 in campaign donations. She spent exponentially more than any other Utah politician on...

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 Trust Me. Click This Bizarre 1964 TV Ad for LBJ. It is Prophetic for 2016!


Huffington Post Rips Rep Mike Noel

The Utah delegation disgracefully continues to push the myth that Native Americans are either not in favor of Bears Ears or are being used as patsy tools for public land advocates. Rep Mike Noel was rebuked by a Huffington Post editorial last week. Noel instigated an official Utah state investigation of native peoples stating...

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Want My Vote? Three Non-Negotiable Demands from Our Next President!  

1. Respect out troops. No dumb, ill-planned, no-escape, macho wars. None. The war in Iraq has left the Middle East in anarchy, has taken 190,000 lives.... Read More

2. There must be a huge FDR like, first 100 days of ACTION to deal with the generational economic stranglehold American working people have been grappling with since the mid-1970s. Including a raise of minimum wage to $15 and...Read More

3. Name the brightest progressive legal minds in the country to the Supreme Court...Read More
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