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Subject: Ezekiel Is Hanging Up His Hat . . .
Date: Mon Oct 10 10:22:11 MDT 2016
Good Buffalo Eagle is Retiring 
The Making of a Walking...

Ezekiel Sanchez and Larry Olsen began helping young people in 1968, pioneering what is known today as wilderness therapy or outdoor behavioral healthcare (OBH). This year, more than 10,000 young people will participate in OBH programs nationwide.

Ezekiel formed ANASAZI Foundation with Larry in 1988, following a dream he believes was a message from his Creator. Since that dream, which introduced him to the thousands he was to help, Ezekiel has dedicated his life to helping young people find their greatness, heal and strengthen families, and begin anew.

Though the time has come for him to step into retirement, Ezekiel says his dream is not yet fulfilled. There are many more families with little or no resources to rescue a son or daughter at risk. For many, ANASAZI is the only hope.

We invite you to help us make Ezekiel's dream come true by joining us as we honor Ezekiel on November 3, 2016-at the ANASAZI Gala. 

Held at the beautiful new Sheraton Mesa Hotel at Wrigleyville West in Mesa, AZ, ANASAZI's Scholarship Gala begins at 5 p.m., when we form a line 1000 strong to thank Ezekiel as he arrives at the venue.  This will recreate the dream that sent Ezekiel to form ANASAZI in 1988! (Click here to read about Ezekiel's dream.)

Nominate a Young Leader
Recognizing Exceptional Alumni...
As part of ANASAZI's Scholarship Gala  NFL All-Star, Steve Young and his Forever Young Foundation, will recognize five exceptional ANASAZI alumni who have continued to walk forward since leaving the trail. 

Five scholarships (four for $1000 and one for $2000) will be presented to those who have proven themselves outstanding Young Leaders. The five finalists will be featured in videos highlighting their achievements (at the gala and on ANASAZI's website) and will be honored guests at the November 3 event, which will also honor retiring ANASAZI founder Ezekiel Sanchez.

To nominate a Young Leader, CLICK HERE. Contact ANASAZI Alumni Services director Sulay Tovar (at or 480-892-7403) with any questions.
The deadline for nominations is Friday, October 14, 2016, at midnight MST.

Click Here to Nominate a Young Leader.

2016 ANASAZI Photo Contest
A chance to win $100...

E-mail your favorite family-camp photos (or family photos taken at the ANASAZI office) to for a chance to win $100!

Selected images will be featured at the November 3 Gala and/or on ANASAZI websites! Please send high-resolution files if you are interested. Thank you!  
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