TO:                 Members of the Senate Education Standing Committee

FROM:           Sen. Stuart C. Reid, Chair

RE:                 Committee Meeting


                                    DATE:           Wednesday, February 6, 2013

                                    TIME:            8:00 AM

                                    PLACE:         210 Senate Building, Utah State Capitol Complex

- Call to order and approval of the minutes of February 4, 2013

- The following items are scheduled for consideration:


1.    SB0043S01    Financial and Economic Literacy Education Amendments (P. Jones)



2.    SB0162           Concurrent Enrollment Amendments (S. Urquhart)



3.    SB0122           Student Leadership Skills Development (A. Osmond)



9:30 AM 4.     Presentation from Robert Corcoran, President and Chair, General Electric Foundation






Sen. Stuart C. Reid, Chair


Sen. Patricia W. Jones

Sen. Mark B. Madsen

Pres. Wayne L. Niederhauser

Sen. Aaron Osmond

Sen. Howard A. Stephenson

Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson

Sen. Stephen H. Urquhart

Committee Analyst: Allison M. Nicholson, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

Committee Secretary: Wendy Hill