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        February 26, 2013

Madam Speaker:


    The Judiciary Committee reports a favorable recommendation on 1st Sub. H.B. 111, EMINENT DOMAIN AMENDMENTS, by Representative L. Perry, with the following amendments:

1.    Page 6, Lines 168 through 176 :    


{   (3) (a) If a request under this section involves an allegation of a taking by physical

             169      occupation, a private property owner may request that the mediator or arbitrator authorize an
             170      appraisal of the just compensation that would be due to the property owner if a taking has
             171      occurred.
             172          (b) If the mediator or arbitrator determines that an appraisal is reasonably necessary to
             173      reach a resolution, the mediator or arbitrator may:
             174          (i) have an appraisal prepared by an independent appraiser; and
             175          (ii) require the entity that is alleged to have physically taken the property to pay the
             176      cost of the appraisal.  

2.    Page 14, Line 427 through Page 15, Line 451 :    

{   (4) (a) If an entity seeks to acquire property by eminent domain or intends to use

             428      eminent domain to acquire property if the entity cannot acquire the property in a

             429      transaction, the entity shall prepare and provide to the property owner as early as practicable in
             430      the negotiation process an appraisal or written calculation of the amount to be offered by the
             431      entity for the property.
             432          (b) The written calculation shall separately state the fair market value of the property to
             433      be acquired and any damages to the remaining real property in accordance with Section
             434      78B-6-511 .
             435          (c) A person making the appraisal or written calculation shall:
             436          (i) inspect the property in the process of providing the appraisal or calculation; and
             437          (ii) notify the property owner or the owner's representative in advance that the property
             438      owner or property owner's representative may accompany the person making the appraisal or
             439      calculation during the inspection of the property.
             440          (d) An entity may not offer an amount that is less than the fair market value of the
             441      property to be acquired together with any damages to the remaining real property determined in
             442      a manner consistent with the requirements of this part.
             443          (5) (a) If the acquisition of a part of a property would leave its owner with an
             444      uneconomic remnant, the entity shall:
             445          (i) make an offer to acquire the entire property for the property's fair market value; or
             446          (ii) offer compensation in an amount that equals or exceeds the fair market value of the
             447      entire property.
             448          (b) If an entity compensates a property owner for an uneconomic remnant, but does not

             449      take title of the uneconomic remnant, the property owner may keep the uneconomic remnant.
             450          (c) An entity may not acquire an uneconomic remnant over the objection of the
             451      property owner.  


    Kay L. McIff
    Committee Chair

Voting: 7-0-2
3 HB0111.HC1.wpd 2/26/13 10:22 am chelsealloyd/CBL VA/JTW

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