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        February 20, 2013

Madam Speaker:

    The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee reports a favorable recommendation on H.B. 121, FIREARMS SAFE HARBOR, by Representative D. Pitcher, with the following amendments:

1.    Page 3, Lines 61 through 66 :    

             61          (1)

  (a)       An owner cohabitant may voluntarily commit a firearm to a law enforcement

             62      agency for safekeeping if the owner cohabitant believes that another cohabitant is an immediate
             63      threat to:
{   (a)   }        (i)       himself or herself;

{   (b)   }        (ii)       the owner cohabitant; or

{   (c)   }        (iii)       any other person.

  (b) A law enforcement agency may not hold a firearm under this section if the law enforcement agency obtains the firearm in a manner other than the owner cohabitant voluntarily presenting, of his or her own free will, the firearm to the law enforcement agency at the agency's office.      

2.    Page 3, Line 88 :    

             88      other cohabitant.
  (5) Notwithstanding an ordinance or policy to the contrary adopted in accordance with 63G-2-701, a law enforcement agency shall destroy a record created under Subsection (2), Subsection 53-5c-202(4)(b)(iii), or any other record

created in the application of this chapter no later than five days after:

    (a) returning a firearm in accordance with Subsection (2)(d); or
    (b) appropriating, selling, or destroying the firearm in accordance with Section 53-5c-202.  

3.    Page 3, Line 89 through Page 4, Line 91 :    

{   (5)   }        (6)       Unless otherwise provided, the provisions of Title 77, Chapter 24, Disposal of

             90      Property Received by Peace Officer, do not apply to a firearm received by a law enforcement
             91      agency in accordance with this chapter.
  (7) A law enforcement agency shall adopt a policy for the safekeeping of a firearm held in accordance with this chapter.      

4.    Page 4, Line 119 :    

             119          (b)
{   The   }        Except as provided in Section 53-5c-201, the       law enforcement agency shall return a firearm to a person other than an owner


    Curtis Oda
    Committee Chair

Voting: 10-0-1
3 HB0121.HC1.wpd 2/20/13 4:08 pm nbrady/NWB VA/JTW

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