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        March 4, 2013

Madam Speaker:

    The Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee reports a favorable recommendation on H.B. 382, ESCALANTE REGION GRAZING ZONE, by Representative M. Noel, with the following amendments:

1.    Page 2, Lines 41 through 44 :    

             41          (5) "Escalante Region Grazing Zone" means BLM

{   ,   }        and       Forest Service      {   , and SITLA   } lands

             42      situated in the following townships in Garfield and Kane Counties, as more fully illustrated in
             43      the map jointly prepared by the Garfield
  County       and Kane      {   Counties   }        County       GIS      {   Department   }        Departments       in February 2013,

             44      entitled "Escalante Region Grazing Zone":

2.    Page 14, Line 423 through Page 15, Line 444 :    

             423          (3) The state finds that:
             424          (a) grazing on the lands comprising the Escalante Region Grazing Zone has provided a
             425      significant contribution to the history, customs, culture, and values of the area for more than
             426      100 years;
             427          (b) abundant natural and vegetative resources exist within the Escalante Region

             428      Grazing Zone to support and expand continued, responsible grazing activities;
             429          (c) grazing and its associated historic resources, its long and dignified human history,
             430      its shaping of human endeavors in the American West, its variety of cultural resources,
             431      affiliation, type and distribution, its landmarks, structures, and other objects of historic or
             432      scientific interest are worthy of and have been recognized for protection by local, state, and
             433      federal governments;
             434          (d) the highest management priorities for lands within the Escalante Region Grazing
             435      Zone are responsible management, enhancement, and development of existing and future
             436      grazing resources in order to provide protection for the resources, objects, customs, culture, and
             437      values identified above;
             438          (e) responsible development of abundant deposits of energy and mineral resources,
             439      including oil, natural gas, oil shale, oil sands, coal, phosphate, gold, uranium, and copper, as
             440      well as areas with high wind and solar energy potential, are compatible with grazing activities
             441      in the Escalante Region Grazing Zone; and
             442          (f) responsible development of abundant recreation resources, including
  wildlife,       roads,

             443      campgrounds, water resources, trails, OHV use, sightseeing, canyoneering,
  hunting, fishing,       and hiking are

             444      compatible with grazing activities in the Escalante Region Grazing Zone.

3.    Page 15, Lines 445 through 450 :    

             445          (4) The state supports:
             446          (a) efficient and responsible full development
{   of all permitted existing and future

             447      grazing resources in the Escalante Region Grazing Zone; and  
  , within the Escalante Region Grazing Zone, of:

(i) all permitted existing and future grazing resources; and
(ii) other uses compatible with grazing activities; and  

             448          (b) a cooperative management approach by federal agencies, the state of Utah, and

             449      local governments to achieve broadly supported management plans for the full development
{   of

             450      all grazing resources within the Escalante Region Grazing Zone.  
  , within the Escalante Region Grazing Zone, of:

(i) all grazing resources; and
(ii) other uses compatible with grazing activities.  


    Michael E. Noel
    Committee Chair

Voting: 12-0-4
3 HB0382.HC1.wpd 3/4/13 10:01 am ballred/JBA TJN/AMN

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