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Room 30, House Building
March 6, 2013

MEMBERS PRESENT:    Rep. Francis Gibson, Chair
        Rep. Lowry Snow, Vice Chair
        Rep. Patrice M. Arent
        Rep. Rich Cunningham
        Rep. Steve Eliason
        Rep. Bradley G. Last
        Rep. David Lifferth    
        Rep. Dan McCay
        Rep. Carol Spackman Moss
        Rep. Jim Nielson
        Rep. Val Peterson
        Rep. Marie H. Poulson
        Rep. Kraig Powell
MEMBERS EXCUSED:    Rep. Greg H. Hughes
        Rep. Dean Sanpei
        Rep. Keven Stratton
STAFF PRESENT:    Constance C. Steffen, Policy Analyst
        Linda Service, Committee Secretary
Note: List of visitors and copy of handouts are filed with committee minutes.

Vice Chair Snow called the meeting to order at 4:19 p.m.

MOTION:    Rep. Gibson moved to approve the minutes of March 5, 2013. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Arent, Rep. Cunningham, Rep. Lifferth, Rep. McCay, and Rep. Moss absent for the vote.

H.B. 373    Small School Funding (Rep. K. McIff)

Rep. McIff introduced the bill which appropriates additional funding for certain public schools.

Mr. Duke Mossman, Utah Rural Schools Association, spoke in support of the bill

Dr. Martell Menlove, State Superintendent, noted the State Board of Education has not taken a position on the bill.

MOTION:    Rep. Last moved to pass the bill out with a favorable recommendation. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. McCay absent for the vote.

S.B. 59S01    Workers' Compensation Coordination of Benefits Amendments (Sen. K. Mayne) (Rep. D. Ipson)

Sen. Mayne introduced the bill which amends the Insurance Code and the Utah Labor Code regarding payment of medical claims when an employee is injured.

The following spoke in support of the bill:
    Mr. Dennis Lloyd, Sr. Vice President, Workers Compensation Fund
    Mr. Travis Wood, Utah Health Plans
    Mr. Jay Blaine, Utah Education Association
    Mr. Richard Burke, Utah Association for Justice
    Mr. Mark Brinton, Utah Medical Association

Mr. Kelly Atkinson, Utah School Employees Association, commented on the bill.

MOTION:    Rep. Gibson moved to pass the bill out with a favorable recommendation with the understanding that Sen. Mayne will take time to meet with Workers Compensation Fund and those representing the smaller medical insurance carriers. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Eliason absent for the vote.

MOTION:    Rep. Arent moved to adjourn. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Eliason absent for the vote. Vice Chair Snow adjourned the meeting at 5:23 p.m.

            Rep. Francis Gibson, Chair