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Room 20, House Building
uary 30, 2013

MEMBERS PRESENT:    Rep. Jack Draxler, Chair
        Rep. Ken Ivory, Vice Chair
        Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck        
        Rep. Janice Fisher
        Rep. Mike Noel
        Rep. Lee Perry
        Rep. Kraig Powell                
MEMBERS ABSENT:    Rep. Keith Grover
        Rep. John Mathis

STAFF PRESENT:    Mr. Arthur Hunsaker, Policy Analyst
        Ms. Sylvia Newton, Committee Secretary

Note:    A list of visitors and handouts are filed with committee minutes.

Vice Chair Ivory called the meeting to order at 2:17 p.m.

MOTION:    Rep. Noel moved to approve the minutes of the January 28, 2013 meeting. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Fisher and Rep. Powell absent for the vote.

H.B. 252    Native American Indian Related Amendments (Rep. J. Draxler)

Rep. Draxler introduced the bill to the committee.

MOTION:    Rep. Perry moved to pass H.B. 252 out favorably. The motion passed unanimously.

H.B. 256    Reauthorization of Administrative Rules (Rep. C. Oda)

This bill was not considered.

H.B. 258    Straight Party Voting Amendments (Rep. P. Arent)

Rep. Arent introduced the bill to the committee.

Mr. Justin Lee of the Lieutenant Governor's Office answered questions of committee members.

Spoke in opposition to the bill:    Karen Clark, Utah Eagle Forum

Spoke in favor of the bill:    Kelli Lundgren, Represent Me Utah!
                Ty Markham, citizen
                Vik Arnold, Utahns for Ethical Government
                Maryann Martindale, Alliance for a Better Utah
                Ali Sadler, Director of Government Relations, Associated Students                     of the University of Utah
                Rozan Mitchell, Salt Lake County Elections

MOTION:    Rep. Fisher moved to pass H.B. 258 out favorably. The motion failed with Rep. Noel, Rep. Perry, Rep. Ivory, and Rep. Draxler voting in opposition to the motion. Rep. Chavez-Houck, Rep. Fisher, and Rep. Powell voted in favor of the motion.

MOTION:    Rep. Noel moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Vice Chair Ivory adjourned the meeting at 3:23 p.m.

                    Rep. Jack Draxler, Chair