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Room 250, State Capitol

February 25, 2013

Members Present:         Sen. Evan J. Vickers, Chair
                Sen. Allen M. Christensen
                Sen. Brian E. Shiozawa
                Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher
Members Excused:         Sen. Luz Robles

Staff Present:            Mr. Mark D. Andrews, Policy Analyst
                Ms. Nancy A. Skidmore, Committee Secretary
A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes.

Chair Vickers called the meeting to order at 8:06 a.m.
Approval of Minutes

MOTION:    Sen. Vickers moved to approve the minutes of Feb. 20, 2013. The motion passed         unanimously with Sen. Thatcher absent for the vote.

1st Sub. S.B. 203    Prescription Label Information and Education Amendments (P.             Jones)

Sen. Jones presented the bill to the committee.

MOTION:    Sen. Vickers moved to amend 1st Sub. S.B. 203 as follows:

1.    Page 4, Lines 97 through 101 :    

             97          (2) as part of the website information, specify that information described in Subsection
             98      (1) should not be included on the label if
{   :

             99          (a) the prescription order does not include a refill; or
             100          (b)  
the prescriber or patient indicates that the information may not be included on the
             101      label.

The motion passed unanimously with Sen. Thatcher absent for the vote.    

Spoke in favor
of the bill:        Captain Tony Allred, Paramedic, Salt Lake City Fire Department
            Mr. Mark Brinton, General Counsel and Director of Government

Affairs, Utah Medical Association

MOTION:     Sen. Shiozawa moved to pass 1st Sub. S.B. 203, as amended, out favorably. The         motion passed unanimously with Sen.Thatcher absent for the vote.

S.B. 207    Repeal of Health and Human Services Reports and Expired or Discontinued         Programs (A. Christensen)

Sen. Christensen presented the bill to the committee.

MOTION:    Sen. Christensen moved to amend S.B. 207 as follows:

1.    Page 2, Line 35 :    


{   26-7-2, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2011, Chapter 192   }

2.    Page 2, Line 49 :    

{   26-52-202, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2012, Chapters 242 and 402   }

3.    Page 2, Line 57 :    

{   59-14-204, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2012, Chapter 341   }

4.    Page 15, Line 451 through Page 16, Line 488 :    

{   Section 7. Section 26-7-2 is amended to read:

             452          26-7-2. Office of Health Disparities Reduction -- Duties.
             453          (1) As used in this section:
             454          (a) "Multicultural or minority health issue" means a health issue, including a mental
             455      and oral health issue, of particular interest to cultural, ethnic, racial, or other subpopulations,
             456      including:
             457          (i) disparities in:
             458          (A) disease incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, treatment, and treatment
             459      response; and
             460          (B) access to care; and
             461          (ii) cultural competency in the delivery of health care.
             462          (b) "Office" means the Office of Health Disparities Reduction created in this section.
             463          (2) There is created within the department the Office of Health Disparities

             464          (3) The office shall:
             465          (a) promote and coordinate the research, data production, dissemination, education,
             466      and health promotion activities of the following that relate to a multicultural or minority health
             467      issue:
             468          (i) the department;
             469          (ii) local health departments;
             470          (iii) local mental health authorities;
             471          (iv) public schools;
             472          (v) community-based organizations; and
             473          (vi) other organizations within the state;
             474          (b) assist in the development and implementation of one or more programs to address a
             475      multicultural or minority health issue;
             476          (c) promote the dissemination and use of information on a multicultural or minority
             477      health issue by minority populations, health care providers, and others;
             478          (d) seek federal funding and other resources to accomplish the office's mission;
             479          (e) provide technical assistance to organizations within the state seeking funding to
             480      study or address a multicultural or minority health issue;
             481          (f) develop and increase the capacity of the office to:
             482          (i) ensure the delivery of qualified timely culturally appropriate translation services
             483      across department programs; and
             484          (ii) provide, when appropriate, linguistically competent translation and communication
             485      services for limited English proficiency individuals; and
             486          (g) provide staff assistance to any advisory committee created by the department to
             487      study a multicultural or minority health issue[; and].
             488          [(h) annually report to the Legislature on its activities and accomplishments.]  

5.    Page 36, Line 1100 through Page 38, Line 1165 :    

{   Section 21. Section 26-52-202 is amended to read:

             1101          26-52-202. Autism Treatment Account Advisory Committee -- Membership --
             1102      Time limit.
             1103          (1) (a) There is created an Autism Treatment Account Advisory Committee consisting
             1104      of six members appointed by the governor to two-year terms of office as follows:
             1105          (i) one person holding a doctorate degree who has experience in treating persons with
             1106      an autism spectrum disorder;
             1107          (ii) one person who is a board certified behavior analyst;
             1108          (iii) one person who is a physician licensed under Title 58, Chapter 67, Utah Medical
             1109      Practice Act, or Title 58, Chapter 68, Utah Osteopathic Medical Practice Act, who has
             1110      completed a residency program in pediatrics;
             1111          (iv) one person who is employed in the Department of Health; and
             1112          (v) two persons from the community who are familiar with autism spectrum disorders
             1113      and their effects, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and support needs, including:
             1114          (A) family members of a person with an autism spectrum disorder;
             1115          (B) representatives of an association which advocates for persons with an autism
             1116      spectrum disorder; and
             1117          (C) specialists or professionals who work with persons with autism spectrum disorders.
             1118          (b) Notwithstanding the requirements of Subsection (1)(a), the governor shall, at the
             1119      time of appointment or reappointment, adjust the length of terms to ensure that the terms of
             1120      committee members are staggered so that approximately half of the committee is appointed
             1121      every year.
             1122          (c) If a vacancy occurs in the committee membership for any reason, a replacement
             1123      may be appointed for the unexpired term.
             1124          (2) The department shall provide staff support to the committee.

             1125          (3) (a) The committee shall elect a chair from the membership on an annual basis.
             1126          (b) A majority of the committee constitutes a quorum at any meeting, and, if a quorum
             1127      exists, the action of the majority of members present shall be the action of the committee.
             1128          (c) The executive director may remove a committee member:
             1129          (i) if the member is unable or unwilling to carry out the member's assigned
             1130      responsibilities; or
             1131          (ii) for good cause.
             1132          (4) The committee may, in accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative
             1133      Rulemaking Act, make rules governing the committee's activities, which rules shall:
             1134          (a) comply with the requirements of this title; and
             1135          (b) include:
             1136          (i) qualification criteria and procedures for selecting children who may qualify for
             1137      assistance from the account;
             1138          (ii) qualifications, criteria, and procedures for evaluating the services and providers to
             1139      include in the program, which shall include at least:
             1140          (A) applied behavior analysis provided by or supervised by a board certified behavior
             1141      analyst or a licensed psychologist with equivalent university training and supervised
             1142      experience;
             1143          (B) collaboration with existing telehealth networks to reach children in rural and
             1144      under-served areas of the state; and
             1145          (C) methods to engage family members in the treatment process; and
             1146          (iii) provisions to address and avoid conflicts of interest that may arise in relation to the
             1147      committee's work.
             1148          (5) The committee shall meet as necessary to carry out its duties and shall meet upon a
             1149      call of the committee chair or a call of a majority of the committee members.
             1150          (6) The committee shall comply with the procedures and requirements of:
             1151          (a) Title 52, Chapter 4, Open and Public Meetings Act; and

             1152          (b) Title 63G, Chapter 2, Government Records Access and Management Act.
             1153          (7) Committee members shall receive no compensation or per diem allowance for their
             1154      services.
             1155          (8) (a) Not later than November 30 of each year, the committee shall provide a written
             1156      report summarizing the activities of the committee to[: (i)] the executive director [of the
             1157      department;].
             1158          [(ii) the Legislature's Health and Human Services Interim Committee; and]
             1159          [(iii) the Legislature's Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee.]
             1160          (b) The report under Subsection (8)(a) shall include:
             1161          (i) the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder who are receiving
             1162      services under this chapter;
             1163          (ii) the types of services provided to children under this chapter; and
             1164          (iii) results of any evaluations on the effectiveness of treatments and services provided
             1165      under this chapter.  

6.    Page 49, Line 1495 through Page 50, Line 1538 :    

{   1495
         Section 29. Section 59-14-204 is amended to read:
             1496          59-14-204. Tax basis -- Rate -- Future increase -- Cigarette Tax Restricted
             1497      Account -- Appropriation and expenditure of revenues.
             1498          (1) Except for cigarettes described under Subsection 59-14-210 (3), there is levied a tax
             1499      upon the sale, use, storage, or distribution of cigarettes in the state.
             1500          (2) The rates of the tax levied under Subsection (1) are, beginning on July 1, 2010:
             1501          (a) 8.5 cents on each cigarette, for all cigarettes weighing not more than three pounds
             1502      per thousand cigarettes; and
             1503          (b) 9.963 cents on each cigarette, for all cigarettes weighing in excess of three pounds
             1504      per thousand cigarettes.
             1505          (3) Except as otherwise provided under this chapter, the tax levied under Subsection

             1506      (1) shall be paid by any person who is the manufacturer, jobber, importer, distributor,
             1507      wholesaler, retailer, user, or consumer.
             1508          (4) The tax rates specified in this section shall be increased by the commission by the
             1509      same amount as any future reduction in the federal excise tax on cigarettes.
             1510          (5) (a) There is created within the General Fund a restricted account known as the
             1511      "Cigarette Tax Restricted Account."
             1512          (b) The Cigarette Tax Restricted Account consists of:
             1513          (i) the first $7,950,000 of the revenues collected from a tax under this section; and
             1514          (ii) any other appropriations the Legislature makes to the Cigarette Tax Restricted
             1515      Account.
             1516          (c) For each fiscal year beginning with fiscal year 2011-12 and subject to appropriation
             1517      by the Legislature, the Division of Finance shall distribute money from the Cigarette Tax
             1518      Restricted Account as follows:
             1519          (i) $250,000 to the Department of Health to be expended for a tobacco prevention and
             1520      control media campaign targeted towards children;
             1521          (ii) $2,900,000 to the Department of Health to be expended for tobacco prevention,
             1522      reduction, cessation, and control programs;
             1523          (iii) $2,000,000 to the University of Utah Health Sciences Center for the Huntsman
             1524      Cancer Institute to be expended for cancer research; and
             1525          (iv) $2,800,000 to the University of Utah Health Sciences Center to be expended for
             1526      medical education at the University of Utah School of Medicine.
             1527          (d) In determining how to appropriate revenue deposited into the Cigarette Tax
             1528      Restricted Account that is not otherwise appropriated under Subsection (5)(c), the Legislature
             1529      shall give particular consideration to enhancing Medicaid provider reimbursement

rates and
             1530      medical coverage for the uninsured.
             1531          [(e) Any program or entity that receives funding under Subsection (5)(c) shall provide
             1532      an annual report to the Health and Human Services Interim Committee no later that September
             1533      1 of each year. The report shall include:]
             1534          [(i) the amount funded;]
             1535          [(ii) the amount expended;]
             1536          [(iii) a description of the effectiveness of the program; and]
             1537          [(iv) if the program is a tobacco cessation program, the report required in Section
             1538      51-9-203 .]  

The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION:    Sen. Christensen moved to pass S.B. 207, as amended, out favorably. The motion         passed unanimously.

H.B. 198    Aging and Adult Services Amendments (B. Last)

Rep. Last presented the bill to the committee.

Sen. Thatcher moved to pass H.B. 198 out favorably. The motion passed              unanimously.

Sen. Thatcher moved that H.B. 198 be placed on the Consent Calendar. The motion passed unanimously.

S.J.R. 15    Joint Resolution Regarding the Impact of Adult Images on Children's         Development (T. Weiler)

Sen. Weiler and Sen. Thatcher presented the bill to the committee.

Spoke in favor
of the bill:        Dr. Jennifer Brown
            Ms. Pamela Atkinson, Chair, Utah Coalition Against Pornography

Sen. Christensen moved to pass S.J.R. 15 out favorably. The motion passed         unanimously.

MOTION:    Sen. Christensen moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Chair Vickers adjourned the meeting at 8:47 a.m.    

Minutes reported by Ms. Nancy A. Skidmore, Secretary.

Sen. Evan J. Vickers, Committee Chair