H.B. 310

House Committee Amendments

Amendment 3 February 20, 2013 6:25 PM

Representative Larry B. Wiley proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 2, Lines 41 through 43 :    

             41          15A-3-307, as enacted by Laws of Utah 2011, Chapter 14
{   15A-3-308, as enacted by Laws of Utah 2011, Chapter 14   }

             43          15A-3-309, as enacted by Laws of Utah 2011, Chapter 14

2.    Page 77, Line 1835 through Page 78, Line 1857 :    

{   Section 22. Section 15A-3-308 is amended to read:

             1836          15A-3-308. Amendments to Chapter 8 of IPC.
             1837          [IPC, Chapter 8, is not amended.]
             1838          (1) In IPC, Section 802.1.8, the words "or directly connect" are added after the word
             1839      "break".
             1840          (2) In IPC, Section 802, a new Section 802.1.8.1 is added as follows: "802.1.8.1
             1841      Gravity grease interceptor connection: Those sinks or appliances draining into a gravity grease
             1842      interceptor shall discharge directly or indirectly through an air gap or air break into a floor
             1843      sink."
             1844          (3) In IPC, Section 802, a new Section 802.1.8.2 is added as follows: "802.1.8.2
             1845      Hydromechanical grease interceptor connection. Those sinks used for washing and primary
             1846      rinsing of utensils, dishes, pots, pans or service ware and draining through a hydromechanical
             1847      interceptor shall be directly connected to the interceptor. The sinks shall be trapped and vented
             1848      to prevent odors from the grease interceptor escaping through the sinks into the building. A
             1849      flow control device furnished by the manufacturer shall be installed on the inlet side of the
             1850      interceptor and in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions. A floor sink
             1851      shall be installed within five (5') feet downstream of the interceptor outlet. A dedicated branch
             1852      drain shall be provided to serve the hydromechanical interceptor and the floor sink only. No
             1853      connections of any kind shall be permitted between the outlet of the interceptor and the
             1854      connection of the floor sink."
             1855          (4) In IPC, Section 802, a new Section 802.1.9 is added as follows: "802.1.9 Sanitizing
             1856      sinks. Sinks used for the sanitizing of utensils, dishes, pots, pans, or service ware shall
             1857      discharge indirectly through an air gap or air break to the drainage system."

3.    Page 79, Lines 1891 through 1901 :    

{   (2) In IPC, Section 1003.3.4, the following sentence is added before the last sentence:

             1892      "Hydrochemical grease interceptors and automatic grease removal devices shall not indirectly
             1893      discharge into a floor sink or any other indirect waste receptor, but shall directly connect to the
             1894      drainage system."
             1895          (3) IPC, Section 1003.3.4.2, is deleted and replaced with the following: "1003.3.4.2
             1896      Rate of flow controls. Hydromechanical grease interceptors shall be equipped with devices to
             1897      control the rate of water flow so that the water flow does not exceed the rated flow. The flow
             1898      control device shall be vented. The vent from the flow control device shall connect to the
             1899      plumbing vent system within the building or an approved and listed air admittance valve or
             1900      terminate out the roof. The flow control device shall be installed in accordance with the
             1901      manufacturers instructions."  

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