S.B. 60

Senate Committee Amendments

Amendment 1 February 6, 2013 11:36 AM

Senator Margaret Dayton proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 1, Lines 15 through 17 :    

             15              .    the number of abortions performed in the state;
{   and   }

             16              .    at what stage of pregnancy the abortions took place; and
  . the races of the women on whom the abortions were performed; and      

             17          .    makes technical changes.

2.    Page 2, Lines 36 through 44 :    

             36          (ii) estimated week of pregnancy;
      (c) the races of the women who obtained the abortions described in Subsection (1)(a), including:

    (i) Alaska Native;
    (ii) American Indian;
    (iii) Asian;
    (iv) Black or African American;
    (v) Hispanic or Latino;
    (vi) Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander;
    (vii) White, not Hispanic or Latino; and
    (viii) some other race;  

             37          [(a)]
{   (c)   }        (d)       the total amount of informed consent material described in this section that

             38      was distributed or accessed;
             39          [(b)]
{   (d)   }        (e)       the number of women who obtained abortions in this state without receiving

             40      the informed consent materials described in this section;
             41          [(c)]
{   (e)   }        (f)       the number of statements signed by attending physicians under Subsection

             42      76-7-305.6 (4); and
             43          [(d)]
{   (f)   }        (g)       any other information pertaining to obtaining informed consent from a woman

             44      who seeks an abortion.

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