S.B. 49   Child Welfare Modifications (Harper, W.)
Date Action Location Vote
1/25/2013 Bill Numbered but not Distributed LRGC
1/25/2013 Numbered Bill Publically Distributed LRGC
1/25/2013 LFA/ bill sent to agencies for fiscal input LRGC
1/25/2013 Senate/ received bill from Legislative Research SINTRO
1/28/2013 Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced) SSTRUL
1/28/2013 Senate/ to standing committee SSTHHS
1/30/2013 Senate Comm - Not Considered SSTHHS
1/30/2013 LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsor SSTHHS
1/30/2013 LFA/ fiscal note publicly available SSTHHS
1/31/2013 Senate/ received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst SSTHHS
1/31/2013 Senate Comm - Substitute Recommendation SSTHHS
2/1/2013 Senate/ comm rpt/ substituted SSUB