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H.B. 124

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Chief Sponsor: Brian M. Greene

Senate Sponsor: ____________

             8      LONG TITLE
             9      General Description:
             10          This bill provides for the expungement of agency records related to a licensee under
             11      certain circumstances.
             12      Highlighted Provisions:
             13          This bill:
             14          .    defines terms;
             15          .    provides that a licensee may apply for expungement of records related to
             16      disciplinary action previously taken by an agency against the individual under
             17      certain circumstances, including that the individual:
             18              .    currently holds an unrestricted license;
             19              .    has had no disciplinary action against the license for at least three years; and
             20              .    has fully complied with agency requirements regarding previous disciplinary
             21      action;
             22          .    describes the application and fee requirements for seeking the expungement of
             23      agency records related to action taken by the agency; and
             24          .    provides that records expunged under this legislation may still be used internally by
             25      the agency, shared with law enforcement, the courts, and as directed by court order.
             26      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             27          None

             28      Other Special Clauses:
             29          None
             30      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             31      ENACTS:
             32           63G-4-701 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             33           63G-4-702 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             34           63G-4-703 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             36      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             37          Section 1. Section 63G-4-701 is enacted to read:
Part 7. Expungement of Administrative Disciplinary Action

             39          63G-4-701. Title -- Relationship to Utah Expungement Act.
             40          (1) This part is known as the "Expungement of Administrative Disciplinary Action."
             41          (2) The provisions of this part do not affect or supercede the expungement of a record
             42      under Title 77, Chapter 40, Utah Expungement Act.
             43          Section 2. Section 63G-4-702 is enacted to read:
             44          63G-4-702. Definitions.
             45          As used in this part:
             46          (1) (a) "Disciplinary action" means, subject to the limitations described in Section
             47      63G-4-102 , state agency action against the interest of an individual H. [ that determines ]
             47a      relating to .H a legal
             48      right, duty, privilege, immunity, or other legal interest of an individual, including agency action
             49      to deny, revoke, suspend, modify, annul, withdraw, or amend an authority, right, or license.
             50          (b) "Disciplinary action" does not include an investigation, detention, or conviction by
             51      law enforcement or a court.
             52          (2) "Eligible petitioner" means a licensee who was previously the subject of
             53      disciplinary action by an agency but who:
             54          (a) currently holds an unrestricted license for the same occupation or profession to
             55      which the disciplinary action pertains;
             56          (b) has not been the subject of disciplinary action during the preceding three years; and
             57          (c) has fully complied with agency requirements regarding previous disciplinary action.
             58          (3) H. (a) .H "Expunge" means to H. [ seal or otherwise ] .H prevent public access to
             58a      agency records

             59      regarding the agency's disciplinary action against an eligible petitioner H. , including preventing
             59a      public access via an electronic database .H .
             59b      H. (b) "Expunge" does not preclude the release of agency records in response to a records
             59c      request made in accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 2, "Government Records Access and
             59d      Management Act." .H
             60          (4) "Qualifying record" means a record of an agency regarding disciplinary action that
             61      was a final agency action at least three years before an eligible petitioner applies to the agency
             62      for expungement of the record under this part.
             63          Section 3. Section 63G-4-703 is enacted to read:
             64          63G-4-703. Expungement of disciplinary action.
             65          (1) Except as provided in Subsection (2), within 30 days after the day on which an
             66      agency receives an application for expungement from an eligible petitioner, the agency shall
             67      expunge the qualifying record of the eligible petitioner if:
             68          (a) the petitioner applies to the agency for expungement in a form established by
             69      agency rule in accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act;
             70      and
             71          (b) the petitioner pays an application fee determined by the agency under Section
             72      63J-1-504 .
             73          (2) Within 30 days after the day on which an agency receives an application for
             74      expungement, the agency head, or the agency head's designee, may deny the application if:
             75          (a) the petitioner filing the application is not an eligible petitioner;
             76          (b) the record identified for expungement is not a qualifying record;
             77          (c) the petitioner provides false information on the application;
             78          (d) the record for which expungement is sought relates to criminal conduct that
             79      resulted in a conviction that has not been expunged in accordance with Title 77, Chapter 40,
             80      Utah Expungement Act; or
             81          (e) the agency head, or the agency head's designee, determines that expungement
             82      would endanger the health or safety of the public.
             83          (3) If the agency head, or the agency head's designee, denies an application for
             84      expungement under Subsection (2), the agency shall provide a written explanation of the denial
             85      to the petitioner.
             86          (4) If the agency does not provide a written explanation of a denial or otherwise
             87      respond to a petitioner within 30 days after the day on which the agency receives an application
             88      for expungement, the agency shall expunge the qualifying record of an eligible petitioner.
             89          (5) An eligible petitioner whose application for expungement is denied as described in

             90      Subsection (2) may seek judicial review of the decision in accordance with Section 63G-4-401 .
             91          (6) Notwithstanding the provisions of this part, a record expunged under this part may
             92      be:
             93          (a) used internally by the agency;
             94          (b) shared by the agency with law enforcement or a court; and
             95          (c) distributed by the agency as directed by court order.
             96          (7) Within three years after the expungement of a record under this part, the agency
             97      head, or the agency head's designee, may rescind the expungement of an expunged record if:
             98          (a) an additional and final record of disciplinary action is entered against the eligible
             99      petitioner; or
             100          (b) the agency determines that material information provided in the petitioner's
             101      application for expungement was false.

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