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Chief Sponsor: Jennifer M. Seelig

Senate Sponsor: Curtis S. Bramble

             6      Cosponsors:
             7      Tim M. Cosgrove
             8      Rebecca Chavez-Houck
             9      Joel K. Briscoe
             10      Rebecca D. Lockhart
             11      Jacob L. Anderegg
             12      Patrice M. Arent
             13      Jim Bird
             14      Rich Cunningham
             15      Jack R. Draxler
             16      Susan Duckworth
Rebecca P. EdwardsJanice M. Fisher
Francis D. Gibson
Richard A. Greenwood
Stephen G. Handy
Lynn N. Hemingway
Eric K. Hutchings
Brian S. King
Bradley G. Last
Dana L. Layton
Carol Spackman Moss
Michael E. NoelCurtis Oda
Marie H. Poulson
Paul Ray
Edward H. Redd
Angela Romero
V. Lowry Snow
Mark A. Wheatley
Ryan D. Wilcox
Larry B. Wiley
Brad R. Wilson              17     
             18      LONG TITLE
             19      General Description:
             20          This bill modifies the Utah Workforce Services Code to enact the Women in the
             21      Economy Commission Act.
             22      Highlighted Provisions:
             23          This bill:
             24          .    enacts the Women in the Economy Commission Act, including:
             25              .    defining terms;
             26              .    creating the commission;
             27              .    establishing the purposes, powers, and duties of the commission; and

             28              .    requiring reporting; and
             29          .    provides a sunset date.
             30      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             31          None
             32      Other Special Clauses:
             33          None
             34      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             35      AMENDS:
             36           63I-1-235 , as last amended by Laws of Utah 2013, Chapter 278
             37      ENACTS:
             38           35A-11-101 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             39           35A-11-102 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             40           35A-11-201 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             41           35A-11-202 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             42           35A-11-203 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             44      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             45          Section 1. Section 35A-11-101 is enacted to read:

Part 1. General Provisions

             48          35A-11-101. Title.
             49          This chapter is known as the "Women in the Economy Commission Act."
             50          Section 2. Section 35A-11-102 is enacted to read:
             51          35A-11-102. Definitions.
             52          As used in this chapter:
             53          (1) "Commission" means the Women in the Economy Commission created in Section
             54      35A-11-201 .
             55          (2) "State institution of higher education" is as defined in Section 53B-3-102 .

             56          Section 3. Section 35A-11-201 is enacted to read:
Part 2. Commission

             58          35A-11-201. Women in the Economy Commission created.
             59          (1) There is created within the department a commission known as the "Women in the
             60      Economy Commission."
             61          (2) The commission shall consist of 11 members as follows:
             62          (a) one senator appointed by the president of the Senate;
             63          (b) one senator appointed by the minority leader of the Senate;
             64          (c) one representative appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives;
             65          (d) one representative appointed by the minority leader of the House of
             66      Representatives;
             67          (e) the executive director of the department, or the executive director's designee; and
             68          (f) six members appointed by the governor as follows:
             69          (i) a representative of a business with fewer than 50 employees that has been awarded
             70      for work flexibility or work-life balance;
             71          (ii) a representative of a business with 50 or more employees, but fewer than 500
             72      employees, that has been awarded for work flexibility or work-life balance;
             73          (iii) a representative of a business with 500 or more employees that has been awarded
             74      for work flexibility or work-life balance;
             75          (iv) an individual who has experience in demographic work and is employed by a state
             76      institution of higher education;
             77          (v) one individual from a nonprofit organization that addresses issues related to
             78      domestic violence; and
             79          (vi) one individual with managerial experience with organized labor.
             80          (3) (a) When a vacancy occurs in a position appointed by the governor under
             81      Subsection (2)(f), the governor shall appoint a person to fill the vacancy.
             82          (b) Members appointed under Subsection (2)(f) may be removed by the governor for
             83      cause.

             84          (c) A member appointed under Subsection (2)(f) shall be removed from the
             85      commission and replaced by the governor if the member is absent for three consecutive
             86      meetings of the commission without being excused by the chair of the commission.
             87          (d) A member serves until the member's successor is appointed and qualified.
             88          (4) In appointing the members under Subsection (2)(f), the governor shall:
             89          (a) take into account the geographical makeup of the commission; and
             90          (b) strive to appoint members who are knowledgeable or have an interest in issues
             91      related to women in the economy.
             92          (5) (a) The commission shall select two members to serve as cochairs, one of which
             93      shall be a legislator.
             94          (b) Subject to the other provisions of this Subsection (5), the cochairs are responsible
             95      for the call and conduct of meetings.
             96          (c) The cochairs shall call and hold meetings of the commission at least every two
             97      months.
             98          (d) One of the bimonthly meetings described in Subsection (5)(c) shall be held while
             99      the Legislature is convened in its annual general session.
             100          (e) One or more additional meetings may be called upon request by a majority of the
             101      commission's members.
             102          (6) (a) A majority of the members of the commission constitutes a quorum.
             103          (b) The action of a majority of a quorum constitutes the action of the commission.
             104          (7) (a) A member of the commission described in Subsection (2)(e) or (f) may not
             105      receive compensation or benefits for the member's service, but may receive per diem and travel
             106      expenses in accordance with:
             107          (i) Section 63A-3-106 ;
             108          (ii) Section 63A-3-107 ; and
             109          (iii) rules made by the Division of Finance pursuant to Sections 63A-3-106 and
             110      63A-3-107 .
             111          (b) Compensation and expenses of a member who is a legislator are governed by

             112      Section 36-2-2 and Legislative Joint Rules, Title 5, Legislative Compensation and Expenses.
             113          (8) The department shall provide staff support to the commission.
             114          Section 4. Section 35A-11-202 is enacted to read:
             115          35A-11-202. Purpose -- Powers and duties of the commission.
             116          (1) The commission's purpose is to:
             117          (a) increase public and government understanding of the current and future impact and
             118      needs of the state's women in the economy and how those needs may be most effectively and
             119      efficiently met;
             120          (b) identify and recommend implementation of specific policies, procedures, and
             121      programs to respond to the rights, needs, and impact of women in the economy; and
             122          (c) facilitate coordination of the functions of public and private entities concerned with
             123      women in the economy.
             124          (2) The commission shall:
             125          (a) facilitate the communication and coordination of public and private entities that
             126      provide services to women or protect the rights of women;
             127          (b) study, evaluate, and report on the status and effectiveness of policies, procedures,
             128      and programs that provide services to women or protect the rights of women;
             129          (c) study and evaluate the policies, procedures, and programs implemented by other
             130      states that address the needs of women in the economy or protect the rights of women;
             131          (d) facilitate and conduct the research and study of issues related to women in the
             132      economy;
             133          (e) provide a forum for public comment on issues related to women in the economy;
             134          (f) provide public information on women in the economy and the services available to
             135      women; and
             136          (g) encourage state and local governments to analyze, plan, and prepare for the impact
             137      of women in the economy on services and operations.
             138          (3) To accomplish its duties, the commission may:
             139          (a) request and receive from a state or local government agency or institution summary

             140      information relating to women in the economy, including:
             141          (i) reports;
             142          (ii) audits;
             143          (iii) projections; and
             144          (iv) statistics;
             145          (b) apply for and accept grants or donations for uses consistent with the duties of the
             146      commission from public or private sources; and
             147          (c) appoint one or more special committees to advise and assist the commission.
             148          (4) Money received under Subsection (3)(b) shall be:
             149          (a) accounted for and expended in compliance with the requirements of federal and
             150      state law; and
             151          (b) continuously available to the commission to carry out the commission's duties.
             152          (5) (a) A member of a special committee described in Subsection (3)(c):
             153          (i) shall be appointed by the commission;
             154          (ii) may be:
             155          (A) a member of the commission; or
             156          (B) an individual from the private or public sector; and
             157          (iii) notwithstanding Section 35A-11-201 , may not receive reimbursement or pay for
             158      any work done in relation to the special committee.
             159          (b) A special committee described in Subsection (3)(c) shall report to the commission
             160      on the progress of the special committee.
             161          Section 5. Section 35A-11-203 is enacted to read:
             162          35A-11-203. Annual report.
             163          (1) The commission shall annually prepare and publish a report directed to the:
             164          (a) governor;
             165          (b) Education Interim Committee;
             166          (c) Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee;
             167          (d) Executive Appropriations Committee;

             168          (e) Legislative Management Committee;
             169          (f) Business, Economic Development, and Labor Appropriations Subcommittee; and
             170          (g) State Council on Workforce Services.
             171          (2) The report described in Subsection (1) shall:
             172          (a) describe how the commission fulfilled its statutory purposes and duties during the
             173      year; and
             174          (b) contain recommendations on how the state should act to address issues relating to
             175      women in the economy.
             176          Section 6. Section 63I-1-235 is amended to read:
             177           63I-1-235. Repeal dates, Title 35A.
             178          (1) Title 35A, Utah Workforce Services Code, is repealed July 1, 2015.
             179          (2) Title 35A, Chapter 8, Part 7, Utah Housing Corporation Act, is repealed July 1,
             180      2016.
             181          (3) Title 35A, Chapter 8, Part 18, Transitional Housing and Community Development
             182      Advisory Council, is repealed July 1, 2014.
             183          (4) Title 35A, Chapter 11, Women in the Economy Commission Act, is repealed July
             184      1, 2016.

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