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        February 25, 2014

Madam Speaker:

    The Revenue and Taxation Committee reports a favorable recommendation on H.B. 140, TAX CREDIT AMENDMENTS, by Representative B. King, with the following amendments:

1.    Page 3, Lines 68 through 72 :    

             68          (5) "Wage requirement" means that an employer pays a person who is homeless $4,000
             69      or more in wages during a time period that:
             70          (a) begins on the date of hire; and
             71          (b) ends no later than

{   the last day of a three-calendar-quarter period, the first day of

             72      which is the first day of the first calendar quarter that begins on or after the date of hire  
  two calendar quarters after the calendar quarter in which the date of hire occurs       .

2.    Page 4, Lines 91 through 97 :    

             91          (4) The application:
             92          (a) shall list, for each person who is homeless that the employer employs:
             93          (i) the person's name;
             94          (ii) the person's
{   taxpayer identification   }        Social Security       number; and

             95          (iii) the person's current address;
             96          (b) shall list the employer's
{   taxpayer   }        federal employer       identification number; and

             97          (c) may require additional information as determined by the department.

3.    Page 5, Lines 137 through 140 :    

             137          (2)
{   No later than 90 days after the date that an employer provides the

written notice

             138      described in Subsection (1) to the department, the  
  The       department shall determine whether      {   the   }        an      

             139      employer has met the requirements of the participation agreement under Section 53A-5-304 to
             140      receive a tax credit certificate
{   .   }        :

    (a) after the employer provides the written notice described in Subsection (1) to the department; and
    (b) no later than 60 days after the date that the employer provides the department unemployment insurance wage information:
    (i) for the person who is homeless;
    (ii) as required by Subsection 35A-4-305(8); and
    (iii) for each calendar quarter during which the employer pays wages to meet the wage requirement.  

4.    Page 5, Lines 144 through 150 :    

             144          (4) A tax credit certificate under this section:
             145          (a) shall list the amount of tax credit allowable for the taxable year in an amount that
             146      does not exceed $2,000;
             147          (b) shall list the name and
{   taxpayer identification   }        federal employer       number of the employer;

             148          (c) shall list the name,
{   taxpayer   }        Social Security       identification number, and current address of the

             149      person who is homeless with respect to whom the employer has met the wage requirement; and
             150          (d) may include any other information required by the department.


    Ryan D. Wilcox
    Committee Chair
Voting: 11-1-4
3 HB0140.HC1.wpd 2/25/14 6:28 pm lelder/LGE RLR/LGE

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