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        March 4, 2014

Madam Speaker:

    The Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee reports a favorable recommendation on H.B. 160, UTAH WILDERNESS ACT, by Representative S. Handy, with the following amendments:

1.    Page 2, Lines 48 through 56 :    


{   (b) recognize and protect in perpetuity areas where the earth and its community of life

             49      are untrammeled by humans and where humans are visitors that do not remain;  

{   (c)   }        (b)       provide a window into the natural world, into which our pioneer forebears ventured

             51      and formed our collective story and character;
{   (d)   }        (c)       recognize that the preservation of wilderness shall be part of a balanced pattern of

             53      multiple land uses;
{   (e)   }        (d)       demonstrate the proper stewardship of certain primitive lands by providing the

             55      protection to allow natural forces to operate; and
{   (f)   }        (e)       create a Utah wilderness preservation system.

2.    Page 3, Lines 81 through 89 :    

{   (d) is an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by humans,

             82      where humans are visitors who do not remain, and where the imprint of human work is
             83      substantially unnoticeable;  

{   (e)   }        (d)       has at least 5,000 contiguous acres of land, or is of sufficient size as to make

             85      practicable its preservation and use in an unimpaired condition;
{   (f)   }        (e)       has outstanding opportunities for solitude, or a primitive and unconfined type of

             87      recreation; and
{   (g)   }        (f)       may contain ecological, geological, or other features of scientific, educational,

             89      scenic, or historical value.

3.    Page 4, Lines 94 through 100 :    

             94          (b) Before identifying a parcel of land as a conservation area, the director of PLPCO
             95      shall:
             96          (i) inform
{   the board of trustees of   } the School and Institutional Trust Lands

             97      Administration that a parcel is being considered for designation as a conservation area; and
             98          (ii) provide
{   the board of trustees of   } the School and Institutional Trust Lands

             99      Administration with the opportunity to trade out land owned by the School and Institutional
             100      Trust Lands Administration for the parcel in question
  , subject to reaching an exchange agreement with the agency that manages the parcel       .

4.    Page 7, Lines 195 through 197 :    

             195          (b) measures may be taken, under the direction of the director of the Division of
             196      Forestry, Fire, and State Lands, as necessary to
{   suppress and maintain   }        manage       fire, insects,        habitat,       and

             197      diseases.


    Michael E. Noel
    Committee Chair

Voting: 11-2-3
3 HB0160.HC1.wpd 3/4/14 10:05 am ballred/JBA RF/BJB

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