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        March 5, 2014

Madam Speaker:

    The Education Committee reports a favorable recommendation on H.B. 419, CHARTER SCHOOL REVISIONS, by Representative S. Eliason, with the following amendments:

1.    Page 2, Lines 34 through 35 :    

             34      Other Special Clauses:

{   None   }        This bill coordinates with S.B. 171, Student-Centered Learning Pilot Program, by providing technical amendments.      

2.    Page 56, Line 1713 :    

             1713      board to receive some or all of the services referred to in Subsection (3)(a).
  (c) Except as specified in a charter agreement, local school board assets do not transfer to an existing public school that converts to charter status under a charter granted by a local school board under this section.      

3.    Page 63, Line 1945 :    

             1945          (10) The authority may create and establish other funds for its purposes.
  Section 27. Coordinating H.B. 419 with S.B. 171--Technical amendments.

If this H.B. 419 and S.B. 171, Student-Centered Learning Pilot Program, both pass and become law, it is the intent of the Legislature that the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel in preparing the Utah Code database for publication, modify Subsection 53A-1a-508(3) to read:

"(3) (a) Except as provided in Subsection (3)(b), a charter agreement may not be modified except by mutual agreement between the charter school authorizer and the governing board of the charter school.
(b) (i) Subject to Subsection (3)(c), at the request of the governing board of a charter school that is selected to participate in the Student-Centered Learning Pilot Program created in Section 53A-15-1403, the charter school's authorizer shall attach an addendum to the school's charter indicating the charter is modified to be consistent with the requirements of the Student-Centered Learning Pilot Program and describing those modifications.
    (ii) A charter school authorizer shall make the modifications described in Subsection (3)(b)(i) without requiring the charter school to participate in a charter amendment process.
    (c) (i) If an increase in a charter school's enrollment capacity is required to participate in the Student-Centered Learning Pilot Program, the charter school shall submit a request for an increase in enrollment capacity to the State Board of Education.
    (ii) The State Board of Education may approve an increase in enrollment capacity for the charter school subject to the availability of sufficient funds appropriated under Section 53A-1a-513."


    Francis D. Gibson
    Committee Chair

Voting: 12-0-4
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