2nd Sub. H.B. 56

House Floor Amendments

Amendment 1 February 25, 2014 11:21 AM

Representative Mike K. McKell proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 6, Lines 150 through 151 :    

             150          (1) An owner of an interest in a project property that is subject to a recorded
             151      preconstruction lien or a recorded construction lien
  that is not cancelled or withdrawn       may petition the district court in the county

2.    Page 6, Lines 172 through 173 :    

             172          (4) (a) If the court grants a hearing, within three business days after the day on which
             173      the court schedules the hearing
  and at least seven business days before the day on which the hearing is scheduled       , the petitioner shall serve on the lien claimant, in accordance

3.    Page 7, Lines 190 through 192 :    

             190          (7) (a) If, following a hearing, the court determines that the preconstruction lien or the
             191      construction lien is valid, the court shall

  (i)       dismiss the petition        ;       and      {   may   }

  (ii)       award costs and

             192      reasonable attorney fees to the lien claimant.

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