H.B. 198

House Committee Amendments

Amendment 1 February 25, 2014 12:04 PM

Representative Curtis Oda proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 1, Line 15 :    

{   .    modifies powers and duties of the department;   }

2.    Page 2, Lines 35 through 36 :    

             35      Other Special Clauses:
{   None   }        This bill takes effect on July 1, 2014.      

3.    Page 2, Line 41 :    

{   32B-2-204 , as enacted by Laws of Utah 2010, Chapter 276   }

4.    Page 25, Line 745 through Page 26, Line 788 :    

{   Section 3. Section 32B-2-204 is amended to read:

             746          32B-2-204. Powers and duties of the department -- Immunity.
             747          (1) (a) The department shall control liquor merchandise inventory including:
             748          [(a)] (i) listing and delisting a product;
             749          [(b)] (ii) the procedures for testing a new product;
             750          [(c)] (iii) purchasing policy;
             751          [(d)] (iv) turnover requirements for a regularly coded product to be continued; and
             752          [(e)] (v) the disposition of discontinued, distressed, or unsaleable merchandise.
             753          (b) The department shall list and delist heavy beer that may be sold by a beer
             754      wholesaler licensee.
             755          (2) (a) The department shall report to the governor on the administration of this title:
             756          (i) as the governor may require; and
             757          (ii) annually by no later than November 30, for the fiscal year ending June 30 of the
             758      year in which the report is made.
             759          (b) A report under this Subsection (2) shall contain:
             760          (i) a statement of the nature and amount of the business transacted by the department
             761      during the year;
             762          (ii) a statement of the department's assets and liabilities including a profit and loss
             763      account, and other accounts and matters necessary to show the results of operations of the
             764      department for the year;
             765          (iii) general information on the application of this title in the state; and

             766          (iv) any other information requested by the governor.
             767          (c) The department shall submit a copy of a report described in this Subsection (2) to
             768      the Legislature.
             769          (3) The department shall maintain insurance against loss on each motor vehicle
             770      operated by it on any public highway. A motor vehicle shall be covered for:
             771          (a) liability imposed by law upon the department for damages from bodily injuries
             772      suffered by one or more persons by reason of the ownership, maintenance, or use of the motor
             773      vehicle; and
             774          (b) liability or loss from damage to or destruction of property of any description,
             775      including liability of the department for the resultant loss of use of the property, which results
             776      from accident due to the ownership, maintenance, or use of the motor vehicle.
             777          (4) (a) The department may sue, be sued, and defend in a proceeding, in a court of law
             778      or otherwise, in the name of the department.
             779          (b) An action may not be taken:
             780          (i) against the commission; or
             781          (ii) in the name of a commissioner.
             782          (5) The department is liable to respond in damages in a case if a private corporation
             783      under the same circumstances would be liable.
             784          (6) (a) Title 63G, Chapter 7, Governmental Immunity Act of Utah, applies in an action
             785      commenced against the department for damages sustained as a result of department ownership,
             786      maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle under Subsections (4) and (5).
             787          (b) In an action described in Subsection (6)(a), the commission and each commissioner
             788      are immune from suit.  

5.    Page 53, Lines 1618 through 1619 :    

             1618          (a) prohibit the person receiving the heavy beer from returning the heavy beer to the
             1619      beer wholesaler licensee
  or the department       ; and

6.    Page 57, Line 1753 :    

             1753          (e) a freight embargo.
  Section 24. Effective date.

This bill takes effect on July 1, 2014.  

Renumber remaining sections accordingly

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